Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles Name of painter Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:15
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It stood out with its bright colors and vivid play of light. It’s light played with the objects on the canvas and even though there were no people or animals on the painting it felt full of elite. This painting portrays an apartment in Los Angles. It has a lot of furniture of different geometric shapes. Also the ceiling is triangular. This form of painting amuses me because of the multiple geometric shapes placed in one location. There are circles, squares, trapezoids, ovals, rectangles and triangles, They are placed next to each other in interesting patterns.
The rectangles are with strangle and the triangles on the ceiling are all together. There are objects that have unknown geometric shape. Also there are objects with soft edges and hard edges. Some of the couches have rounded edges that are very pleasant to look at. The trapezoids and other parallelograms are hard-edged and catch the attention Of a viewer right away _ The hard-edged shapes are not pleasant but, in fact they are useful. The hard-edged shapes are used to balance out the soft- edged shapes in the painting so it is evenly mixed. This causes a beautiful blend of shapes. The lines on this painting are very diverse.
There are sharp, thick, jagged, curved, choppy, smooth, vertical, straight and diagonal lines on this painting. The ceiling in this painting is filled jagged, thin and sharp. This is mixed together to help make a very interesting ceiling. The ground itself in the painting is filled with thin choppy fuzzy sharp lines in turn making the ground look like a wooden floor. The objects are very different in this painting. Some have sharp lines, like the tables and others have smooth line like the couch near to the center of the iron. These lines cause the shapes to have the full affect of their beauty to appear _
The textures of this painting are also very diverse, going from rough to cottony. The shiny texture can be seen with the left wall next to fireplace. This is where the white sheet Of paper can be seen reflecting light causing it to be shiny. The smooth and cottony textures are used for a couch and sofa to make them look relaxing. Hard and rough texture is dominant in the bottom right side Of the painting. The shapes with this dark texture make an affect of not wanting to look in that direction. The colors in this painting are the most varied have ever seen. They fill up all the checks given in the art criticism check sheet.
There are bright, dark, soft and light colors. These colors were used to make a combination that makes this painting the beauty that it is. There are oranges, reds and yellows seen in the same location causing a very appealing look. Blues, greens and violets are brought together in certain objects to make them look cool, The trapezoid table on the bottom right of the painting is a good example tot such a combination. Also the use of opposite and neutral colors are very informant in this artwork, They combine to form a red green door and the gray orange and brown ceiling. The design of this painting is also amazing.
This painting is asymmetrical. Both sides of the painting are totally opposite. There is no detail that portrays symmetry. The light plays a great deal in this painting. The light shines from the top left corner slowly moving to bottom left oeuvre there is darkness. Without this play of light the painting would be extremely boring in my opinion. The light makes all the furniture look alive and breathing. At the center of this painting is a flower vase standing on a round table. It is where look first when focus on the painting. After seeing the flowers I can observe the rest Of the painting With ease.
This is a strange painting because it has no depth and is not 3 dimensional. Depth and 3 dimensional Objects would have been a great addition to this painting. It would help the painting look real beyond belief. This painting by David Hackney is a success in my opinion. He combined light with shapes and color and formed an ultimate image. This painting with only two faults of no depth and 3 dimensional perspective is otherwise one of the best things have ever seen. I hope that any other person that looks at this painting will agree with me and call this painting a masterpiece.

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