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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:14
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Nguyen #1 Dat Nguyen English 010 Sacha Moore 3 September 2010 My New Nose Many people are wondering if they should use cosmetic surgery to improve their looks, and whether it’s really painful when taking a cosmetic surgery. Those questions are answered somewhat honestly through “My New Nose” which appeared in GQ magazine in May 2002.
In this essay, Dan Barden described and disclosed exactly what he felt, what he looked like, how he did to live with a thuggish nose after the first operation was botched, and how happy he was and also how he was fascinated when the second surgery went smoothly. After reading this essay, we can easily realize that Dan Barden decided to get a nose job because he found the difficulty in breathing due to the deviated septum, but the first surgery fail and that cause his breathing become worse, and he looks like a prizefighter.
Then he got another surgery and this time it was successful. This is Dan Barden’s story, this does not mean the essay is only aimed at those who really need cosmetic surgery like him, and urged them to have it because it’s good and it gives us what we really want to be, but also targeted all those who are willing and interested in cosmetic surgery which day by day is becoming more popular, and people nowaday using it just want to look like a movie stars or famous singer or have a perfect appearance.
In this essay, he said he suddenly yearned to get into shape, he want a nice body to go with my nice face, he felt like he was being charmed back to some state before anything went wrong, it means he implies us how easily we would be charmed, fascinated, and almost cannot resist it by cosmetic surgery once it was successful. In my opinion, I feel this essay was effective. Because he is not only show the people who consider cosmetic surgery as a method to improve appearance, but also point out the good and bad things of cosmetic surgery.
As we know, the benefits of cosmetic surgery gives us is nothing to compare with the pain we suffer maybe worse if it fails, but we cannot know exactly what cosmetic surgery is unless we have it, and we cannot know how good it is even if they show us their records unless we have it. At this point, we can take Michael Jackson as an example, he did so many things to improve his look and his skin color, the surgeon and service which he took can be considered as the best and most expensive in the world, but look what he got ! r the most recently, Heidi Montag who feels regret of having cosmetic surgery. Finally, I am sure that the author will not suport having cosmetic surgery because in the last paragraph when he had a conversation with his doctor about saber scar, he said he was just glad he didn’t need to fake it anymore. Having a cosmetic surgery only shows that you are not confident about yourseft, and don’t respect yourseft, and you also look so fake if you have a cosmetic surgery.

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