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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:01
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Music piracy according to Cummings (2013) is the act of copying and distributing of pieces of music copies from the recording artist, composer or the recording company that holds the copyright did not consent on it. Aksomitis (2007) indicated that music piracy also referred to as music theft is ongoing, real and an evolving challenge. It is devastating that millions of people globally download songs illegally from the internet without even compensating the people who assisted in creating the songs.
Examples of music piracy include; making a copy of MP3 song from a CD on the internet using a network that shares files for other millions of people to download, downloading the unauthorized music copies free from internet or computers, and also burning of copies music copies to CDs using a computer among others. I believe it is unethical to pirate unauthorized music in whatever dimension it might take. I will argue in support of making music piracy illegal (Torr, 2005). I believe that music piracy is stealing directly from the hard work of a musician and other stakeholders in the industry.
When an individual record a sound, writes a song or even paints a picture, it is protected by the local and international copyright laws that are relevant. Therefore, they are entitled to payment for enjoyment and use of their invested efforts. When millions of people illegally make copies of the album, it reduces the sales of the music or even not making sales at all. As much as the definition of piracy uses the word copying, I believe it is outright stealing effort and hard work of an artist (Cummings, 2013).
I want to oppose the held argument in support of piracy that that people are entitled to the music. The argument of those in favor of music piracy is based on the concept that people are entitled to access whatever they want. Some of the arguments assert that some people are unable t afford the things they enjoy, or the corporations make gets a lot of profits, and also that people should get whatever they want for free. The fact of the matter is that the corporations get profits because people pay for their services and products.
I believe it is completely selfish to use that argument not to pay for someone’s effort because that is depending on other people to make things correctly to make life easier and enjoyable for you. The fact of the matter is that if there is no one who pays for the music and films, then musicians the studios will stop recording them. Moreover, if a person cannot afford whatever he or she desires, then another person has spent money and time making, then they are not entitled to it. Nobody is entitled to have access to everything he or she wants (Aksomitis, 2007).
My humble and logical appeal to people who like music piracy is to cease and think rationally. Most of the presented arguments to justify piracy are baseless. Piracy is wrong and is unethical based on three facts. First is that in our society’s effort and hard work of producing a product is rewarded. Secondly, arguing that musicians and corporate gets a lot of money and therefore it is worth stealing their music is morally wrong and is just like saying that it is alright to steal from the rich people because they have wealth.
Lastly, paying for the music boosts their morale and encourages young musicians to explore their musical talents (Torr, 2005). In conclusion, piracy is stealing another person’s efforts and investment. No one is entitled to accessing everything they want by all means even if it hurts another person. If you do not agree with the manner corporate prices or sells their product, then do not go for it. The corporate will revise their rates if many people have the same feeling. However, forcing them to revise rates by freely taking their content is not defensible morally.

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