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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:01
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The movie “Pretty Woman” is about a Hollywood prostitute named Vivian Ward that was hired by a wealthy businessman that goes by the name of Edward Lewis. Edward wanted Vivian Ward to be his escort for business purposes. Edward developed a relationship with Vivian over the week-long stay she had with him. Edward soon realizes from the beginning that he really likes this girl because he asks her to stay with him for a week and asks her to act as an escort for social events and is willing to pay $3,000 to Vivian and also give her access to his credit cards for her services.
It is obvious that Edward gains feelings for Vivian and he falls in love with her. Edward also seems like he’s planning on building a relationship in between business events. Vivian at first doesn’t treats Edward like any other guy and doesn’t grow to like Edward until she notices that he actually cares for her and defends her. Their relationship continues when Edward takes Vivian to a polo match, where he’s interested in networking for his business deal and this is where the two also get hands on getting closer to each other.
Another relationship forms at this event where Phillip Stuckey, who was Edwards attorney approaches Vivian. Phillip offers to hire Vivian once she’s finished with Edward, basically insulting her and treating her without respect. After this occurs Vivian is furious with Edward and she plans to leave for good, but Edward apologizes and persuades her to stay for the rest of the week.
Their relationship grows as Edward is now showing how he cares for her by giving her a quarter of a million dollar diamond necklace to go with her outstanding dress and with surprise he tells Vivian that they were going to take a flight to San Francisco to see an Opera. The next day Vivian thinks Edward should take off of work and he takes her advice and does. They spend the whole day with each other and then make love. Just before she falls asleep Vivian admits to Edward that she’s in love with him.
Toward the end of the movie we see that Phillip gets furious with his partner, Phillip makes his way to the hotel room to confront Edward and finds that Vivian is there. He starts shouting at her and begins to blame her for changing Edward and then smacks her across the face and tries to take advantage of her and rape her mainly because he knows that she is a prostitute. Edward arrives just in time and stops Phillip in the act of all this and then he punches Phillip in the face. Edward furiously orders him to leave the hotel room and then Edward gives aid to Vivian.
He also showed her that he cares about her again and will come to her rescue as her knight in shining armor. Vivian’s self-esteem in this movie drastically changes as the movie goes on. In the scene where she is approached by Phillip, her body language changes to a depressing mood because she feels disrespected. Vivian also feels insulted when she enters the clothing store and is kicked out because they judge her by her attire and don’t feel she can afford anything in the store. She is outraged with the idea that if she dresses a certain way she couldn’t get helped.
From the beginning to the middle of the story she feels as if she is looked down upon and passed around thinking that she doesn’t want to live her life out as a prostitute anymore. Vivian makes her money off of being a hooker and doesn’t feel good about what she does. In the movie Vivian quotes “People put you down and start to believe it”. At the end of the movie with the scene when Phillip attempts to attack Vivian she defends herself because now she has a sense of pride and dignity and doesn’t allow men to use her anymore. She reveals that she is a strong and independent woman.

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