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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:54
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Throughout the movie, “Fury,” there were many times where the characters had to use critical thinking. Critical thinking is when you study a clear, reasoned judgment or decision. Norman Ellison, the main character, and his team were put to the test in many different scenarios. The decisions that one person made ended up affecting the whole team. Critical thinking is important, but it is also important to make judgments quickly and efficiently. What would you do if you had to kill a child, knowing that if you did not, someone else would die?
Norman was faced with this conflict. He had to decide if he should shoot the children he saw in the woods or allow them to live. After thinking about it he did not shoot the children, and because he did not do his job and allowed them to live the tank in front of his team got blown to pieces, and his men died. I do not believe he made the right decision because when it came down to it, even though they were young children they were still the enemy. He should have shot them and have been quicker about it.
He probably thought it through, and at the time shooting children most likely sounded crazy to him, but after his people got blown up it brought him back to reality. I believe that was one of the turning points to him making better decisions. There was a time when Wardaddy, Brad Pitt, had to decide how to help Norman become a better soldier. He had the choice to let some of the other soldiers kill the German soldier or he could make Norman do it. The cons to making Norman do it is he could possibly pass out or kill himself from the guilt of taking another man’s life.
The pros are that he might realize that this is his job and he’s saving more lives than he’s taking. Brad Pitt chose to make Norman kill the man. Norman was very scared and sad. He rejected it at first, but he had no choice. A part of critical thinking is living with the choices that you make, right or wrong. Brad Pitt also had another choice to make using critical thinking. There was a massive battalion coming straight toward the tank that had just broke down. He had the choice to stay and fight or to run and hide.
If he stayed and fought he knew he was going to die, but if he ran and hid he and his team would most likely be safe for the time being. Brad Pitt chose to stay, and so did his team. Making this choice, he had to come up with a tactical plan and execute it correctly – he also had prepare to die. They all had to think quickly when making this decision because if they had stop to write the pros and cons down they would have died anyway without putting up a fight or having a chance to run. I agree with the choice they made in staying and fighting. Yes, they all died accept for Norman, but the choice that they made was the choice of heroes.

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