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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:49
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Each of these points is taken into consideration by the judges on Selection Day. The miniature by virtue of its detail and the finest execution of medium must stand up to the closest inspection, whilst at the same time hold its own with good composition and tonal balance when viewed from afar, A wide variety of media is used on surfaces such as paper, Ivories, Ivories and others from specialist suppliers. Works also include those of enamellers and engravers. It is the great variety of subjects, media and techniques which serve to keep miniature art alive and a constant delight.
In a top quality miniature every single detail is itself miniaturized, leading the eye own and down, so that with high magnification you may see the immaculate fineness of the brush strokes. A top quality miniature painting may take many hours to finish. The work requires the utmost concentration and very careful planning. Clean and dust-free conditions are essential where even one single grain of dust can present problems, when painting details are measured in parts of millimeters. The term miniature relates first Of all to technique and identification and only secondly to the size of a painting.
One can produce a 12-inch painting which is also a miniature. The size Of a miniature is traditionally described as small enough to carry in a person’s hand, pocket or bag. But this implies that sizes can vary enormously. Presumably, as long as the miniature technique is observed, a wall could be painted in miniature, even though the preciousness of the hand- held miniature would be lost. This technique is a specialized means of producing a prefect balance of color and detail in a series of thinly applied colors, intended to reflect light, within the boundary of a small frame.
This does not mean that only traditional watercolors paint can be used. The technique produces the recognizable translucent and delicate look of the multilayered painting, but it can he applied using any of our present-day mediums. The word miniaturist, sometimes heard in the United States, is onto correct description tooth discipline of the miniature. “miniature painting”, or “the art of the miniature”, is the correct description of this enchanting and fascinating branch of tine art. Joan Willies] The Art of the Miniature A work of fine art in miniature is a particularly personal object that draws the viewer into an intimate, concentrated little World that is breathtaking in its execution. Every single detail is miniaturized… The scale of the subject matter, the brush strokes; so that only With high magnification can one behold the immaculate details of the artist’s technique. The term miniature relates first of all to technique and as an identification and only secondly to the size Of a painting.

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