Lord of the Flies Persuasive Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:54
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Lord of the Flies”A thing was crawling out the forest. It came darkly, uncertainly. The shrill screaming that rose before the beast was like a pain.
” This so-called beast that emerged from the forest was Simon, one of the boys who was stranded on the island. After he emerged from the forest, Simon discovered what the “pig’s head on a stick” represented, his untimely demise and tribal chaos. This was also when the real Lord of the Flies that was stalking the boys on the island reared its ugly head. While Simon was concealed in the forest, watching the self-proclaimed “hunters” kill a sow, he observed them place the head of this pig on a stick as an offering to the “beast. ” After the hunters left, Simon began to see what that the pig’s head represented. It showed that an immense amount of turmoil was going to take place on the island.
This turmoil began when Jack started his own little tribe that was comprised of all the hunters and offered anyone free membership. Everyone, except Ralph and Piggy, joined the new clique because Jack claimed that they would always have meat to eat. Ralph and Piggy knew that this was the wrong decision to make because Jack was very immature had no clue how to lead anyone and all he wanted to do was kill. After the new tribe was formed, they moved themselves to a rock peninsula because they thought it would make a good fort, whereas Ralph and Piggy continued to live at the original place on the beach.
Since Piggy and Ralph were now considered outcasts, Jack’s tribe stole Piggy’s glasses one night so that they could have fire. When Ralph and Piggy went to their little fort to get them back, a large boulder was pushed off their fort, killing Piggy and leaving Ralph all alone. Jack then made it his mission to hunt down Ralph and place his head on a stick, just like the pig’s. Jack never did kill Ralph because a British naval vessel showed up to rescue the boys from the island but the beast still resided there. The beast that stalked the island is maturity.
Simon, Ralph, and Piggy realized that the only way to survive was to grow up and try to act like adults. Jack and his hunters, on the other hand, did not want to mature and act like adults. They wanted to do the things that a child would want to do, hunt animals and not listen to people who know what they are doing, like Ralph and Piggy. By Jack rebelling against the original tribe and starting his own, is a perfect example of how immature he was. Jack would have dug his own grave if he had killed Ralph and no one ever came to pluck them from the island. As displayed throughout Lord of the Flies, maturity is necessary for a civilization to survive.
When people rebel against that civilization in a destructive manner, as did Jack by creating a new tribe, it causes a state of anarchy, as predicted by Simon’s vision, like when the entire new tribe went out to kill Ralph. All of the boys on the island believed that the beast was living on top of the mountain but it was actually dwelling inside each and every one of them and Simon understood this. For Simon, Piggy, and Ralph, maturity was not a beast at all, but a tool they put to good use.

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