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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:25
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Life is a tricky thing. It will kick you in the butt one day. And help you up the next. The trick is to “Fall down seven times get back up eight”. Thats an old Chinese proverb. It just says the only mistake you can make is after failing not getting back up and trying again. You know what they say when life deals you a lemon make lemonade. Just make the best of what you have been given cause wishing for more will only lead you into jealousy and anger. Both of which are bad. So life isn’t all bad but it isn’t all good either.
Life can be trouble but not all the time. After rain comes the good part. I mean you don’t really expect life to be all honky dory do you? If you do all you are doing is being set up for disappointment because stuff happens. Your best friend may turn and stab you in the back. But in the process of losing a friend you just may meet a new one. So do not shut the door to good in a bad situation. Than no one wins. Especially not you.
In life there are winners and losers, bosses and those under them. Don’t worry for every dog has his day. In the race of life, there are winners. Not any losers. If you have survived in this world that makes you a winner. You must stare life in the face and embrace it. Take what comes to you. Dont be mad when it isnt what you wanted. Just be careful what you wish for, when you get you just may wish you were still wishing for it. You maybe surprised at what you get.
All I am trying to say is life is complicated. Dont try to understand it, for you will just get even more confused. Love may come and go, but as long as it comes, you have nothing to worry about. No matter what people may tell you, you are not worthless. You matter to someone. Despite what people may tell you. Life will always be worth living. Life is such a tricky thing: isnt it?

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