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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:32
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It is important for students top know and be able to do a number of things.
The course content or the state guidelines is a major area of content that is expected to be taught and learned by the students. But when dealing with Elementary students and physical education I think my number one goal will be turning these young students on to physical activity for life. One of the most important things that can be taught and learned in a classroom is how to deal with different types of people in different settings, I believe learning sportsmanship at an early age will help students be better competitors when they get older. A student will be subject to meeting many people with different backgrounds and learning how to interact properly with different people is very important. Lots of that has to do with proper communication skills. By that I don’t mean speaking skills but how to interact with people in sports or life in general.
Right now Illinois is the only state that requires PE as an every day class in Grade school and High School. This is one reason why I was turned on to sports at such a young age. I plan on being a Special Education teacher and I learned through my high school football coach who was the special educator at my high school that incorporating physical activity into students every day life benefits the students greatly in the classroom. Even though I do not plan to be a PE teacher my philosophy in the classroom deals with students doing activities through physical exercise.
Sportsmanship, getting acquainted and feeling comfortable with students from all different walks of life are a couple qualities I will try my hardest to instill in my students. I will always make sure to incorporate physical activity make lessons more enjoyable and tolerable. Hopefully these things will help students love physical activity as much as I do.

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