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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:49
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At present, the issue of education at university level is being widely discussed throughout the whole world. While the majority of researchers underline a great significance of a graduate degree for all the individuals, many of them claim that some people cannot afford themselves to get this particular degree due to its high cost. It is a well-known fact that nothing comes from nothing. In this case, people should make such an important investment in order to get a high paying job after they graduate from the educational establishment. At the same time, the major part of individuals experiences a range of problems while entering either college or university since such an opportunity requires a significant amount of money. While discussing this particular issue, people claim that the issue of studying at college is a two-sided coin.
Arguments Against College Education
The individuals who stand against going to college underline different factors such the issues of heightened stress and students’ loans. Due to these factors, many youngsters avoid entering the educational establishments and seek different job opportunities that do not require a graduate degree offered by the community colleges.
Emotional Distress
It is common knowledge that many teenagers face heightened levels of stress while finishing their high school. Similarly, college undergraduates are more likely to suffer from this particular problem compared to the ones who do not want to get a graduate degree. Indeed, some psychologists tend to believe that studying at college is a key factor that may contribute to the development of different mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, irritability, and nervousness, in teenagers and young adults.
Students’ Loans
It cannot go unnoticed that the major part of Americans can be qualified as the middle class; therefore, some of them have no opportunity to pay college tuition fees. Getting a graduate degree is an expensive endeavor for the representatives of American society. It does not matter what type of institution a person wants to enter – a community college or prestigious university – since each of them requires them to pay college tuition fees. Those individuals who cannot afford such an expensive endeavor tend to get student loans offered by the government of the United States. In this case, high school graduates have an opportunity to take a specific amount of money needed to finish their university studies.
This particular situation raises numerous concerns among people from different corners of the world. Many individuals, who call into question the reasonableness and efficiency of a college education, support the idea that getting an academic degree is not worth such costs. In order to support their arguments, they provide some evidence by mentioning a variety of modern celebrities and businessmen, such as Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Simon Cowell, and Will Smith, who did not attend the institution of higher education. While living without a four-year college degree, they managed to make their way in the world and got into big money. At the same time, these prominent figures did not have to work a lot in a bid to become the ‘scissors-bills’ and receive a great deal of attention throughout the entire world.
Arguments For Getting Academic Degree
However, the rapid globalization makes people realize that a college education is worth the great expenses of students and their families. In general, such heavy expenses cannot be regarded as a simple waste of money since a graduate degree offers individuals a variety of great opportunities in their career path. Every educational institution gives all the students the important ‘tool’ for their future success. Having graduated from college or university, youngsters get not only an academic degree but also a set of useful skills as well as the valuable experience acquired during the practical classes. After receiving such great knowledge at their colleges, ex-students apply it to build a successful career in a chosen field. According to the supporters of this idea, graduates are more likely to have great possibilities, and as a result, they will always have ‘money to burn’ so as the ex-students tend to build successful careers in different sectors of employment. The numerous benefits offered to the undergraduates are certainly worth the costs they have to spend.
Yes Or No?
Taking into account everything mentioned above, it is impossible to arrive a considered opinion regarding the importance of a college degree at present. There is nothing for it since everyone has their own opinion concerning this particular issue. Some people regard a college degree as a key factor in achieving career success. They will continue to claim that a college education is worth all the costs, the heightened distress faced by students, and all the efforts taken during the period of a college education. To the contrary, those who believe that tertiary qualification is not worth the sky-high education costs will look for a work that does not require any academic degree. Hence, only you can decide whether you need to enter the institution of higher education or you will seek the employment opportunities without the final qualification certificate.

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