Incessant Desire -Symbolism Of A Poem, Painting And Song Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:08
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When I was younger, I lost my boyfriend in a terrible car accident that could not be avoided. I tried to convince myself that I was only dreaming ; but the truth was he wasgone and id never, ever see him again. Dante Gabriel Rossetties,?Beata Beatrix?, bringsback awful memories I would rather leave in the past. The woman takes up the majorityof the painting . A vision of beauty , but also of death, love but most of all despair.
Christina Rossetties,?Echo? relats to Dantes painting because they both deal withthe same feelings of hope and despair. Toni Braxtons ?Unbreak My Heart ? can bedescribed as a combination of Rossetties ?Echo? and Dantes ?Beata Beatrix? because allthree works show the same feelings of despair. Poetry is a way a poet expresses his or her feelings and beliefs. Christina Rossettiwants him to come back any way possible. She starts her poem with ?Come to me in thesilence of the night? followed by ?.
. . in the silence of a dream? . She needs him, she misseshim. She wants to feel him next to her , so she can hold him and stare into his eyes. Onecritics opinion is that,? Christina Rossetties songs of love are nearly always of loves loss.
?The character is so devastated that she would rather die than be without herbeloved,. ?. . .
Pulse for pulse, breath for breath. ?She would give her own life again thoughcold in death than live with all the pain. A critc says that,As she sinks her poetry rises , and gushes pu out of ehrheart to heaven . It stains sad, sweet, tender and musical that a saintmight envy. Paintings are art that is used to express lost feelings for lost loves.
By usingconspicous objects, a painter can forshadow what is to come without actually showing it. Dante uses a bird as a symbol for a messanger of death, as if it has come to take her awayforever. He uses a poppy-flower that is used to induce sleep. The woman looks as if she’sfinally at peace; she can finally rest. She does not have a care in the world.
Dante GabrielRossetti painted this intensley spiritual portrait as a memorial to his wife (Lizzie) who diedthe year of 1862. Her death left the Italian poet and painter griefstricken. Many artists perfer to use music to make their feelings and expressions come tolife. Toni Braxton feels helpless, she thinks the world is unkind , that life is so cruelwithout her companion next to her.
Braxton is heart-brocken because hes gone. She feelslike dying . The only thing she does is keep crying. She needs him beside her , to hold her,to make her happy. She says she needs him to ,?take back the sad word goodbye -to bringback the joy to her life?. The poem , song , and painting come together in a special way .
That is wantinglost lovers to come back , but knowing it is not possible. Even now , not a day goes bythat I dont think of John , and what happened and if somehow I could have stopped it, butlife goes on and time may pass maybe even years, but you never forget your first love,ever. You just keep thinking its only a dream adn when you die , you will have actuallywoken up from this nightmare that we call life , and he will be there once again , this timeforever.

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