How to care for hermit crab Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:15
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How to take care of Color. 1. Wash hands before handlingA. You don’t want her to get sick cause you are sick.
2. Always have salt water and fresh water available. A. Salt water is that little pouch that I gave you.
Add all of that to 2 cups HOT water. Shake in a closed bottle until all salt crystals are gone. B. Use the tap water conditioner to remove chlorine DO NOT FOR GET! Hermit crabs can not have tap water it will kill them!3.
Never pull her out of shellA. Duh!4. Feed her in the night and leave food there all day. A.
Feed her anything that does not have milk or dairy. And no citrus even though some say you can feed them that I don’t think its healthy. B. I usually feed her and Juicy carrots and peanuts.
C. Always cut up food so they have smaller pieces. 5. Use plastic wrap to keep in Humidity in the container. A. Place the plastic wrap on the lid.
During the day allow some air to come though and during the night cover completely. 6. Don’t place in direct sunlight. A. Even thought the sun is a good source for heat. Its not good when paired with a heater.
7. Use the paper cups for water and food. A. Because of the small area these work well. B. Cut so that there is a depression on one side and the other sides are even.
8. Bath time!A. After about 3 days you can give her a bath. B.
Use Conditioned tap water. C. The best time is when she’s out and walking. D. Fill a bowl with water only water. Take her and place her up side down( her claws touch the bottom) and count to 45 fast like 1.
. 2. . 3.
9. Have fun. A. Color is the most active right now due to the fact that Juicy is molting. B.
Be sure to play with her. In the small container she could get stressed. C. You can allow others to take care of her. Be sure they are gentle. And have washed their hands.
D. Never allow anyone to tap the side of the container. This is stressful for them. E. When you play with her, allow her to explore.
Hermit crabs are very curious. F. If she digs down. It may be a sign of molting. Or she may be cold . Or even kind of stressed.
If she ever digs down don’t dig her up.If you have questions you can ask me or ask They have lots of info to readIf that don’t helpUse www.hemitcrabassociation.comAnyways I know you will do fine

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