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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:48
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We live in a world where lots of information are in free access. People should improve themselves every day to keep up with the times. Therefore, parents spend more time to find the proper education for their children. Of course, every parent wishes their child only the best and do any effort to give the children a happy future. They, as a rule, have a debate about two almost opposite educational systems that underpin different approaches and choose between homeschooling and public schools. Let’s compare and contrast those approaches.
The first educational system is a conditional system of “providing more knowledge.” A child who learns from this approach goes in a classical way: attending a national school, studying subjects, doing homework, and attending different workshops. There are different language sections, dance, robotics section, compulsory physical activity and much more than a public school can provide. At the average school, the concentration of extra classes only increases and gives even more load, which can lead to unforeseen consequences. Public schools want to create a versatile personality.
The second educational system is an alternative learning approach and more freedom. Such an option requires significant efforts from the parents, where one of the most important is the rethinking of the essence of education and the rejection of its usual perception. A child who is studying according to the alternative scheme departs from the nationwide system and public school and learns in the way that he likes. It can be home studying, an alternative school attendance, or a combination of distance education and child school attendance. In addition, the persuasive advantage is that the child chooses an area of interest, and their parents are already helping to develop it in a given direction without causing moral pressure.
What is the difference between homeschooling and public schools?
Homeschooling is when children study at home. Statistics show that more and more parents choose this kind of study. Parents and children who choose this type of education fully take responsibility for the education of children. Children spend most of their time studying at home, and they determine the program with their parents. Depending on your preferences, this may be an ordinary school program that the child simply goes through in a comfortable environment or it is a self-developed program, which takes into account children’s interests, needs, talents, and other factors. Homeschooling is promoting the fact that the child has much more time for extracurricular activity, develops stronger relationships with the family, develops self-education skills and the ability to manage their own time independently. Such children avoid injury from teachers and peers, are not in a constant stress environment and are much better absorbed in the material due to the lack of effect of the duty. But those problems are faced in public schools. By the decision of parents, they can independently teach a child certain subjects or invite the average teachers who would deal with the child for a certain period. Such an approach is somewhat similar to tutoring, but the teacher claims much greater demands: he must deal with the child not from the position of the teacher and the student (as in the public schools), but from the position of a friend who shares his knowledge with another.
Pros of home education:

Parents and their children will adjust the individual learning process at home by themselves as opposed to public schools.
Students are taught by books, textbooks, video lectures that parents consider to be more informative and understandable.
Parents can set how many hours their children should spend on studying.
Homeschooling is when the child is aware of the fact that the knowledge is important, but not evaluation, and in the first place, he will rely on its own opinion, on its own knowledge, on himself.
Parents can pay more attention to those subjects that are interesting to the child.
At home, parents will be able to raise their child’s self-esteem by supporting him, focusing on his opportunities and achievements.

Cons of homeschooling:

Lack of socialization. However, this is solved if the child attends sports, artistic or musical sections where he communicates with other children.
Not all parents are able to organize the process of studying at home for children effectively. The result will be that a child may not receive certain, necessary knowledge. Therefore, parental weights, self-confidence, and understanding of responsibility must be at the highest level.
Lack of adaptation to the real world. The average school, of course, has an impact on the social adaptation of children, but parents are mostly guided in present-day realities and universal values, so for them, the transfer of these skills and knowledge will also become a compulsory subject.

Public school is the most popular type of education in every country. Between homeschooling and public schools, the public school is a national type of studying that everyone can afford. Every country has its own educational laws and program according to which students are studying. There is debate whether public education worth our time is spending or not. Let’s see the persuasive pluses and minuses.
Pros of studying at the public school:

Public schools are usually free of charge for everyone. That means every child have the opportunity to study at the public school.
Students are studying with their peers and have examples to follow.
In public schools there are more chances for children to make friends from all different walks of life has a marked impact on your child’s own perspective.
Children easier adapt to the world and understand that there are different people with which they should be able to handle.
There are different subjects for the general improvement of the child. A public school wants children to be all-around.
Children can take part in different festivals, school parties, and matinee and just coworking in groups with other children.

Cons of the public school:

The learning process in public schools is limited by the program and does not take into account the child’s personal abilities.
Emphasizing on the evaluation but not gaining knowledge.
In public schools, the common problem is bullying children by other children or by teachers.
Lots of hours that are spent at school and no time for themselves. Children all day long spend in public school and then go back home to do their homework.

There are no doubts that our education is the very argumentative theme. Everyone should select that type of studying that is the closest to him. It is not an easy task to choose between homeschooling and public schools. To make a good decision just compare and contrast different educational approaches, read comments, reviews, statistics. Public schools have served millions of people over the years in the whole world, and for many parents, it is exactly what they want for their children. In another hand, homeschooling can create a happy person without any childish trauma and a great specialist. Therefore, both variants, public schools, and homeschooling are worth your attention.

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