Hamlet Act I Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:51
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In Act I of Hamlet, the ghost of the king hamlet comes to the battlement,outside a castle in Denmark.
Marcellus and Horatio ask the ghost to speak, butIt remains silent. In Scene 2 the new king, King Claudius, King Hamlet’sbrother, is reprimanding Prince Hamlet for depressed. Claudius and Gertrude,Hamlet’s mother, tell Hamlet to get over his father’s death. Gertrude marriedClaudius one month after King Hamlet died. Marcellus joins Hamlet and tells himof his sightings.
In Scene 3 Laertes and his sister are saying goodbye, becauseLaertes is going to school in France. Ophelia, Laertes sister, is telling himthat she is desperately in love with Hamlet. Laertes tells Ophelia that Hamletwill just use her for sex. Laertes makes Ophelia promise that she will not seeHamlet. In Scene 4 Prince Hamlet goes to see if what Marcellus is telling him istrue. Sure enough it is.
The ghost beckons Hamlet to follow him; and then hetalks to him. The ghost tells him that Claudius killed him by putting poison inhis ear. The ghost wants Hamlet to bring Claudius revenge. In the last scene,the ghost tells Hamlet that it is not Gertrude fault that he has died.
He thinksthat Claudius has brainwashed her.

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