Gandhi – A Pacifist Hero Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:16
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The film, “Gandhi,” was based on the Father of the Nation of India, also known as Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi’s goal was to create equality, and end the racial oppression that existed. Gandhi became a very important figure, that led India towards independence. The film takes place during the time during the British colonization, and it shows how Gandhi starts to speak out against the British oppressors. Gandhi fought back the British authorities, by creating his own philosophy of non-violence resistance.
What impressed me the most, was Gandhi’s attitude toward every single aspect of his rebellion. Gandhi was an impeccable example of patience, humility, and most of all, courage. Gandhi experienced a whole lot of difficulties in the process; he got arrested, and put to prison several times, but he never gave up. Instead of giving up, Gandhi fasted and prayed until it was all clear, and the people that followed him stopped. Gandhi was incredibly patient.
Even after the Amritsar massacre, where thousands of civilians were killed, he kept fighting. Gandhi’s humility impressed me a lot. His humility was in everything that he started. All he wanted was equality and respect from different religions; he was doing it for every Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Jew that was suffering. He could’ve easily continued on with the life that he had, but he decided to speak out. The courageousness that Gandhi had, serves as an example for us nowadays.
The society in which we live, is ruled by the system; everyone is afraid to stand up against it, just so they’re not seen as outcast. I believe that the complaints about the system are infinite, but our actions against it are none. When actions are taken to protest, guns and bombs are usually involved. We live inside a comfort zone, where we believe that we do not have the power to change it. A non-violent war wouldn’t persist in the he world in which we live now. People do not have the humility that Gandhi once had.
People now believe that power, money, and fame are everything. People do not have the courage to speak out, because they do not want to be singled out, and have forgotten how to be patient. We are used to seeing Gandhi as a peacemaker, but not as a hero since he is not from our country. Before I watched the movie, I only saw him as a pacifist, important to India. However, when I saw all the struggles, and how he faced them in the movie, it made me realize how much of a role model he is. The movie left me wishing we had our own Gandhi.

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