Who Is The Monster In Frankenstein Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:56
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By Mary Shelley236 pagesSetting:Geneva, EnglandCharacters:Victor Frankenstein- A determined man who keeps everything to himself. He is strong, brave, and smart. The creature- A kind soul that is misunderstood because he is so ugly.
He killed people only because Victor wouldn’t make him a wife. Plot-In the first five chapters you learn about where Victor lives and about his hometown. His family and friends are also told about. He also gives life to the creature. In chapters six through ten Victor returns home and finds out William was murdered.
Victor sees the creature near his town and thinks it was him who killed William. A girl named Justine was also accused for Williams’s death and was found guilty in court. She was killed for the crime she didn’t do. In the next five chapters you find out about the creatures life and how he learned to speak and read. He tells the story of his life to Victor.
In chapters sixteen through twenty the creature finishes the story of his life and asked Victor to make him a female so he could move to the rainforest with her in South America. Victor and a friend Clerval went to London and many other countries. Clerval later left Victor and Victor went to an island in Scotland to work on a female. One night Victor decided he was not going to create the female and tore her body parts apart. After that the creature walked in and said, ” I will be with you on your wedding day and then left. “The next day night Victor left on a boat and threw the body pieces in the ocean.
He got back to the Island and was accused of murder. In the last chapters Victor saw the body of Clerval’s and became sick for many days. When he got home he married Elizabeth and she was killed the first night they were together. Soon after Elizabeth’s death Victor’s father died.
Victor chased the creature till he himself died in Antarctica. After Victor died the creature disappeared forever.I learned how hard it could be to be different and made fun of.I can apply it in my life because everyone is different and people are often made fun of for being different.I am like Victor because I am also very determined to succeed in life.I wish I could be as brave as Victor was in the story.

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