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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:08
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Violence in the MediaBefore the average American chld leaves elementry school, researchers estemate the have witnessd 8.
000 murders on television, is it really a question why America is the world leader in real crime and violence? (Frontline exmines Impact of Television on Scocioty in “Does TV kill)”A growing body of research suports theorys that explain how exposure to medi violence would activate agressive attitudes ins ome chldren. Humans begin immitating other individuals at a very early age” (Violnce in the media and its effects on youth violence. )Childerens role models are from TV, what child doesent want to be a Ninja Turtle or spider man for halloween? My brother always loved Looney Toons and watched it every day whe he was a child, every day he watched the Wildly Cioty get blown up or bugs buny trick elmur fud into a death trap. “watching a lot of violence via the media may mean children & adults may demonstrate more aggressive behaviour themselves, or they may have more approving attitudes towards the use of violence to resolve conflicts”(http://www. mediaknowall.
com/violence/effectsnotes. html)Children spend more time with the TV then with friends or with family. There are so many different kinds of violent shows on television these days, it seems as if violence apeals to every kind of veiwer. Violence is glorifide in cartoons lke SpiderMan or Xman, or in the WWF, even reality TV shows glorify violence. It seem the more explosions and shootings are in a TV show, the more kids fallow it.
Think of what clips they put in preveiws to get you to watch, big explosion after big exposion. Violence sells. Humans become Immune to things they are consantly exposed to. If you were constanlt exposed to voilence you are going to become “numb” to it. ” Desensitiation-exposure to media violence may mean children in particular become less sensitive to violence occuring around them, and less sensitive to the pain and suffering that violence causes to others. They also have less sensitive views on “acceptable” levels of violence in society – ie they are prepared to tolerate more” (http://www.
mediaknowall. com/violence/effectsnotes. html)Chidren see so much violence on TV they may block it out in the real world, accept it, or think vioolence is ok. It had been proven by a scientist called Leonard Eron that their is a positve corritlation between children who watch more violent shows at home, and how much they get in trouble at school. (Frontline exmines Impact of Television on Scocioty in “Does TV kill) Research showed that familys who veiw TV frequently, and let their kids watch what they want, have more problems with their childs behavior in school.
Chldrens wos parents moniter their veiwing have shown to have segnificantly less problems. Also children with problems at shcool who have had their TV privlages revoced have shown a qucker behvior change. With so much proof that their is a lin betwwen the media and violcen in children, its hard to beleive parents let chldrenw atch so much TV. “A growing body of research suports theorys that explain how exposure to medi violence would activate agressive attitudes ins ome chldren. Humans begin immitating other individuals at a very early age” (Violnce in the media and its effects on youth violence. )Chldren link TV wth reality.
They dont know big birs cant talk and cookie wonsters are just pretend. They dont know theirs no gotham city and that Bat man wont come and save the day. Because of thee fact they think things on TV are real, it leads them to beleive that their actualy is as much voilence in the real world, and is acceptes as much as is protrayed on TV. this is called “mean world syndrome. ” Mean world syndrome– Watching large amounts of violence on TV may lead children and adults to believe that the real world contains this amount of pain and violence, and therefore they begin to view their environment as a mean and dangerous place. (http://www.
mediaknowall. com/violence/effectsnotes. html) It is also a question of how much TV they watch. If a child is watching so much TV, and not spending their time with other activites, they are obveously going to learn more from the television then a child who spends more time interacing with other people. “Excessive childhood involvment with elevtronice media that limit scocial interaction could hinder the brain scocial system.
” ( The effects of electornic media on a developing brain)Many People argue that violence in the media is not the cause of violce in children. Statisstcs have undoughable proven otherwise. it has been proven that the kids who watch more are more violent. t is proven that the kids who dont have restraints in what they watch display more angry behavior.
It is proven tha kids who have their Tv privilages taken away reform their behavior. With all this proof, we can not deny that although their are toher factors contributing to violence in children, TV violnce id definatly a contributing factor.

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