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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:01
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One quote I have heard very frequently from several people throughout my life is, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. ” Some certain people in this world make it to superstardom and receive the honor to change a situation for better or worse in the blink of an eye just by their connections. Without a doubt, just by watching the film Park Avenue, I have realized that the quote I previously mentioned is not just an expression – it is certainly the truth. The examples and points made in this documentation were extremely compelling and really made me question if America is the land of equal opportunity.
It just makes me sick to my stomach to hear instances of billionaire businessmen blowing their money on complete nonsense such as luxurious 35 room apartments, when they are people who living in the same town who scrap and claw just to eat a meal. Hearing about perspective stories from several different residents in Park Avenue seriously just proves that some simply have life better than others. Although, it is definitely not fair, considering that most billionaires would rather spend money for their personal benefits than spread their wealth to help struggling and financially deprived American families.
Somebody has to wake up and realize that life is not just about earning riches; it should be about turning the rags to riches. In other words, these money-hungry savages should be giving less fortunate people an opportunity to succeed since they have the power to do so. If one man has the ability to support and provide for an entire financial campaign for former United States presidential candidate Mitt Romney, one then can definitely sacrifice some of their “pocket change” to better a dirt poor community filled with hardworking individuals that would appreciate even the littlest bit.
Unquestionably, I feel that earning endless amounts of money can cause permanent brain damage, as it seems to impair people’s judgement, since they tend to make illogical decisions. If somehow I ruled the world I would make sure individuals whom reached a certain income would then be required to donate a percentage of what they make to the needy. This short documentary really persuaded myself into thinking that we live in a world where money controls everything and anything. Considering that the rich are the only ones who are immune from tax cuts makes me very upset.
I just do not understand why people that are not in the upper-echelon pertaining to economic status are treated so poorly. I absolutely despise what our country has become, as there are many Americans who deserve to be paid on a daily basis and are instead found unemployed just fighting to make a living. Eventually, I hope that our country starts to realize that life isn’t all about personal benefits and that it is okay once in a while to give some of what you have to others in need. Most of the time I do not agree with documentary’s philosophies on certain topics but I sure agree that equal opportunity practically does not exist anymore.
In addition, I really wish that I could steal from evil corporate tycoons such as David Coke, Charles Schumer, and Scott Walker just because they display an act of pure cruelty towards the well-being of society. I believe that poverty in our country can easily be prevented if extremely wealthy individuals take away the focus away from themselves, look around and help people that are in a state desperation. This was a very informative and eye-opening film that will make think twice about how I spend my money if I ever were to become filthy rich.

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