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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:52
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The film” Children of Heaven” shows people a totally different kind of life. The film follows the main characters Ali and his little sister Zahra, who are born in a poor family in Iran. It shocks many students who first watch this movie. In China there are many families who are very poor, especially those in the small villages. This knowledge enables a common experience as the main characters in some aspects. The movie is very simple but it holds a lot of meaning. People can obtain new information about the world and learn a lot from this movie, it even causes people to have new ideas about the world after watching it.
The movie describes the hard life of people who live in the slums. All the residents of this area need to work for a long time everyday. They do not have anytime to relax even on the weekend. They need to earn money to get food and water, but they still do not get enough of what they need even after they work so hard. Ali’s father needs to do more work because his wife is sick and needs to rest, he needs to support his family by himself. So obviously, the young children need to do the housework and other chores for their family. It is very unusual for most people to see this.
Because most people just have fun with friends when they are at this age. This young boy from the Iran has to help his parents in order to do anything. It is not easy work for a child. And they lack of much basic resources that most people have such as toys and shoes. There were not any toys in their house, and a lot of average children have toys when they are young. On the other hand, the place where they live is dirty and noisy. There are no plants, so the quality of air must be terrible. The city has dirty water and rubbish everywhere, creating a really bad environment.
But the environment is very nice when they go to suburbs. The houses are big and have beautiful gardens. The streets are all clean. You cannot find any rubbish on them. It seems ideal. The people that live there dress really nice and the young children have many toys. These young children do not care about their food or clothes. Their life seems perfect. It is completely different from Ali’s life. All these factors show the difference between their social standings. The life is so different for the people at the slums. The rich people get everything.
But the poor families even have problems with finding the necessities. Ali and his neighbors share a water pipe with each other. That is the only clean water they can get, and the children need to wear the same shoes to school because they know their father cannot buy them a new pair. The lifestyle is too different between the rich people and poor people. Actually, this also happens in China. The villages are really dirty and noisy. But people can get food and clean water. People also can even buy new clothes sometimes. Chinese life is better than theirs. The cities are clean and modern.
There are many shopping malls. Rich people can buy everything there and people also have public resource too. But the village does not have anything. The distribution of wealth is not fair. But this situation is really common in the world now. Hopefully the world can help the poor more even if people just give them clothes and food. Another good thing about this movie is the relationships between people are stronger than others. The brother and sister understand each other better, and they know their father is really tired and stressed but that he loves them very much.
An example is when the children do not tell their father that they need shoes. The bother let the little sister wear his shoes on the morning. Then he would wear the shoes when his sister came back. But he has to run to school every time. This is a very odd and unique kind of situation before. On the contrast, most children who are born in rich families are always very naive when they are this age. On the other hand, the neighbors also have a better understanding of each other. They are willing to help other people, because they live at same place and environment.
They understand their life is not easy and everyone needs help sometimes. The old man just pays Ali more money and tries to help his family when he knows Ali’s mother was sick and could not work. It also has happened in small villages in China. The neighbors are really kind and people help each other a lot, there was always love around us. But this atmosphere is disappearing. When families move from small villages to the city, it is hard to get to know the neighbors. It is sad for the children in that situation. Young children new to the city often do not even have a friend play with.
As a result kids become very wayward because their parents gave them everything they wanted and they does not know how to communicate well with others. The life of poor family is hard but they understand and appreciate the value of family better. And they respect each other more. The connection between people is better, and they know how to respect and help others. This is a really valuable skill to have. Many people who are born in rich families tend to look down on the people who are poor. It is not good for the society’s development.
In terms of whether or not the movie is good, that is all a matter of opinion. The part in “When Is A Movie Great” that stood out the most was when the old lady was quoted as saying, “if you didn’t feel the first excitement, you will never quite understand what it meant. ” That is what makes a movie great, the feeling people have for it is what drives sales. It may not be a critically great movie, but the does not mean it will not make money. The emotion and following that gather because of a movie is more powerful than anything a critic will every say. So this movie is a great movie.
Most people have some ideas after watching it. Some people even cried. The things happened in movie shocked many people. On the other hand, this movie shows most people a great contrast in society that they did not know about. Many people do not know the value of the thing they have. Maybe people will cherish their things better after watching this movie. The brave attitude for the life and the understanding between the people will help but only if one can learn from it. People need to be more warm-hearted and help those less fortunate when one has chance or power.
Thomson, David. “When Is a Movie Great? The Perils of Medium and Magic.” N.p.: n.p. ,n.d. 35-39. Print.

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