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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:58
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The year is 507 AD and Hrothgar, king of Denmark, has built a great mead hall. There he and his minions drink and party. The troll Grendel attacks and kills many of those present. The threat of new attacks keeps the population quiet. Until Beowulf, a viking hero from Gotalandand and monster killer come to rescue. Beowulf slays Grendal, but must then deal with the vengeance of Grendel’s mother, who is a sea monster. He succeeded in this, and receive great glory, and he is crowned king.
When Beowulf has become an old man, awakened by an unfortunate circumstance a dragon to life. The dragon spreads fear and death, and Beowulf and his men to take up the fight. Beowulf kills the dragon, but in the attempt he suffered major injuries, which he eventually dies off. Beowulfs friend Wiglaf takes over the royal power. Character analysisHrothar is the king of Denes, a good and generous ruler and all in all a very successful king. With a great mead hall and a beautiful wife, every thing looks good, but he got a dark past.
He has never had intercourse with his wife Wealhtheow, because he slept with a beautiful sea monster that tricked him into the great glory. Grendel is a monster that’s half demon and half human, he lives at the bottom of a lake not far away from the Heorot. Grendal possess superhuman strength which makes him undefeatable, but he is a lonely creature who is trying to understand the world around him. Beowulf is the hero of the story, he is big, strong and powerful. But he is a very cold man, he shows very limited emotion and personality. He is a man of pride and hold his word and promises.
He has heard word about a monster in Denmark and has come to rescue, and fall in love with the king’s wife Wealhtheow. He kills the monster Grendel, but the monsters mother hold grudge and invade his dreams, he seeks Grendals mother and find himself lost in between glory and beauty. TechniquesThe director choose to use a special motion capture technique, known as ‘performance capture’ using a special motion capture technique. film technique and recording method in which motion is detected and converted into digital information that can be processed by a computer.
Registration is effected by the movement of fixed reference points of a real object such as a human body, are transferred to the corresponding points on a digital model, this is done using digital cameras or non-optical devices, such as a suit with motion sensors. The technique is used especially for creating special effects in movies and video games when you want to create a convincing illusion of natural movement in a 3D animation. Suspense and climaxI think there’s two climaxes in the movie, one is when Beowulf seeks Grendel’s mother in her cave.
It is quite in the cave and we can’t see anything in the water, which make us wonder what; what’s coming next? this creates a great deal of suspense. The second is when Beowulf is fighting with the dragon, and Wiglaf is trying to cross the burning bridge which took a lot of time and create suspense. Theme/messageThe theme in this movie is good vs. evil, revenge, royalty and an evil circle. I think the message of this movie is that we must stand together and work together to defeat the enemy.
Even if the enemy is a monster but with courage, strength, loyalty, and integrity we can do it together. My optionI think the movie would be better if it was not animated, because when it is animated we don’t really associate ourself with the movie. Which lead us to not really live in it, and not enjoy it as much as we could if it was something we could associate ourself with. And I think the movie is exaggerating too much, and it’s too unreal. Like Beowulf the dragon and Grendel, it makes too much cliche.
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