Family History And Its Effects On Children Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:40
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Moreover, the children of an adoptee are also victims to the secrecy. Just like an adoptee, their family history is also a void. Heaven forbid the child of an adoptee was to have a medical condition, not only is their health put at risk by the lack of family history and having to possibly endure otherwise unnecessary testing, but the parent is, once again, in the situation of being reminded that they are not entitled to answers. By no fault of their own, the shame that was bestowed upon the birth parents has now been passed down to the adoptee every time their child’s doctor asks about family history and it cannot be provided. As Charis Eng points out in his testimony, “Needless to say, the potential impact of sharing family history and thereby empowering its use to guide preventive care is tremendous for generations of Ohioans.
” Even when the child of an adoptee does not have any medical conditions, the secrecy of the adoption can still be felt throughout their childhood. They are up against some of the same challenges that the adoptee faced growing up. Teachers requiring projects that involve heredity and family trees are just as hard for them since their parents cannot answer their questions. Hearing friends talk about their family history and not being able to join in can be just as frustrating. The secrecy is now playing a part in a generation that is even more innocent than the last.The psychological effects of the closed era had enormous impact on all involved in the adoption triad.
The birth mother, usually young and unwed, was forced to give her baby up for adoption by her parents. No other options were suggested along with no counseling or how to deal with the loss of their child. Some were sent away to homes to hide t. .to his/her children, and the psychological well-being of both the adoptee and the birth parents. If careful attention is paid to the birth parents, their wishes can also be addressed in the same way Ohio has done, giving them ample time to retract their names while providing much need medical and background that can be helpful to the adoptee.
Limiting the open records to adult adoptees, it is a reasonable assumption that they will be able to mentally handle whatever comes from the information. “What good comes from secrecy and shame? It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is nothing” (Vercellotti). Society has come a long way since the closed era of adoption. The fear that paralyzed the birth families back then should not paralyze future generations. They should be allowed to explore their past, just as every other non-adopted American citizen has the freedom to do.

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