Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Websites Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:13
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Social websites have become aremarkable phenomenon. There are many people who use these websites for variety of reasons. The Internet has been widely available over the past few years and Iam of the opinion that social websites are one of the most visitied websites. Iam Facebook user and therefore Ithink Ihave already obtained abasic insight into what social websites offer, what pros and cons they have, what differencies are between them and so forth. As I have already mentioned, social websites are used for many purposes.
In my opinion, the main reason for being amember of asocial website is the possibility of communicating with your peers without having to meet with them. Or, to put it another way, having an account on asocial website is by far more comfortable way of keeping in touch with your friends and other people. Another facet , which has led many people to open an account on Facebook or Twitter, is that one can keep up with new information by using asocial website. When being, for instance, Facebook user, you don’t have to watch TV or visit other websites to seek accurate information. Everything you look for is available there.
Moreover, social websites are not only intended for chatting with afriend of yours or keeping up with news, but you are also given the opportunity to show other people the way you live. You can share photos on social websites, invite friends to abirthday party just by sending them an invitation or share astatus about something you have experienced. I personally feel that these are the major reasons why social websites are hugely popular with users of the Internet. The users are believed to be teenagers or people willing to spend their spare time on these websites. Iam afraid Idisagree.
It is undeniable that even an employed person , who does not have that much free time, has become familiar with Facebook and other social websites. Everybody is literally made to have an account. What’s more, you are considered a stranger if you have no such account whatsoever. To put it more simply, can you imagine not having a mobile phone? In my view, not being a member of a social website is the same. If you make a decision to create an account, for example, Twitter account, it is at your peril. Many users are blissfully unaware of the fact that being a member of a social website can be dangerous.
Some people haven’t come to realization that they share their personal information basically with everybody. Date of birth, place of living, photos and other information, which might be abused, can be viewed by other users. On the other hand, there are ways to protect yourself. Every single social website offers the possibility of concealing personal information from people who are not of your acquaintance. I firmly believe that everybody ought to take advantage of this, and thus prevent unknown people from seeing what they are not supposed to see.
Furthermore, spending too much time on social websites poses a serious problem. If I spent too much time on Facebook, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with friends of mine in “real life” simply because I would chat about everything on Facebook and there would be no reason to meet with my friends at all. To sum up, being a member of a social website has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Facebook, Twitter and other websites are great way to communicate with other people. However, one has to be fully aware that using these websites may be dangerous.

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