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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:43
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Whose(S) and son (3) years Old to her school carnival. The second activity they wanted to go to was face painting. My daughter chose a purple butterfly to be painted on her face and my son copied her. Permitted this, with androgyny. I figured his only copying his sister you that’s all, Well, when we walked to the another activity I noticed people (especially of my culture) looking at my son and then me.
As was standing in the line I started thinking about what my son’s dad would do. I could hear him saying, “You need to tell them to take that off I don’t know why you let them put it on him. He’s not a girl. ” Because he is the most important peer in my kids life other than me. Decided to do just that. Peer – a person who influences us by providing us with feedback, whether its positive or negative. Modeling – demonstrating or showing your same sex the behaviors that you want them to adopt, I never thought of my husband teaching our son to imitate his very own says as modeling.
Because I didn’t know the correct term for it. I knew what he was doing, duh_ Any how, he would demonstrate how to go potty with our son, when I event to the store he would keep my son at home with him, and he also encourages him to come outside With him While he’s fixing on our cars or Other things in the house. Back in the line for a face painting redo. I channeled my son thoughts with the words of my husband. By letting him know that boys should get a spider man face painting instead of a butterfly.
Channeling – directing purr kids attention to what you think is appropriate for their sex. Realized more than ever before that my husband are using manipulative methods to raise our children. Am not upset with this at all because I understand his reasoning behind it all in that he has nothing but good intentions for them. My husband also allows my son to bob his head and fold his arms across his chest While my little girls tries to twist her hips when walking he tells hereto stop! And says you don’t do that. Manipulative having a different set of rules for boys verses girls.

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