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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:43
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Both paintings have a common characteristic which is hope. Parsifal is an artwork painted in oil on canvas by Pinkeye Marcus Simon. After researching, noticed that Simony’s birthday date was uncertain. According to the card next to the painting in the museum, states he was born in 1867. This is denied by the website, Art Magic, Which States he was born in 1865 probably in New York City. The information was provided by a lady named Mary Clare Alteration Who based her data on his death certificate and passport. He lived in Europe (Spain, Italy and France) and returned to America once in his first advent five years.
While a collegian, Simon studied painting with J. G Bibber as the youngest of his pupils. Simon exhibited four times in Salon De la Rose Choir, France in the sass and had some one-man shows in New York, Boston and Chicago in the mid sass (Art Magic). According to the card next to the painting, La Sale Art Museum purchased the artwork Parsifal with the funds provided by James Hands and Richard M Tune, in 1995. Know enough about oil painting, after spending three years at an art school in my country, where I Eve painted over ten oil on canvas besides the other techniques of art I have also used. An then ay Parsifal is a really interesting artwork to study and work on. While working on this paper, I have been to the museum every single day, whenever had some free time in-between my classes either to take some notes on what the painting inspires in me or just to stand thinking about what could write about Parsifal The scene takes place in a big forest. Many angels dressed in different colors are rising to the sky while one angel is standing up illuminating the whole space There are four sad people discussing on the bottom left side of the canvas.
A king in a red robe is thoughtfully sitting on his throne. He left his crown on the ground as an evidence of respect of God’s presence. Two people are thoughtfully standing beside him. Some Other people are behind the king, on his right side. Four among them are focused on picking flowers from the floor and putting them in a basket hold by one Of the men. A girl is sitting and thinking near them. There are four guards standing and a woman sitting beside them. The people are all on a tapestry painting with flowers and leaves spread on it.
As the viewer, appear to be standing at the back of the angel in front of the scene looking straight to he group of angels rising to the sky. The painting shows a contrast of light and dark color with the center of the canvas extremely light and colorful. As view Parsifal, my eyes are occasionally led over to the rising angels’ direction but keep coming back to the most important part Of the painting. The State Of mind of the people. This movement happens largely because of the light giving out by the standing angel in that direction. TO give a shiny effect to the painting, Simon spent a pearly layer on the dried colored layer.
He used the technique of palette knife to add volume to its painting. Parsifal is designed for people that love realist and abstract artworks. I absolutely love Parsifal because it intrigues me. For a couple of days, I have been trying to understand the painter’s meaning and the reason for the people’s sadness in the painting. Deduced the people are sad based on a religious view. The angels are rising to the sky to collect the graces sent why the angel illuminating the forest. The light giving out is divine and inspires benediction. The people in the forest are divided into two based on their emotions.
The people who lived a bad life are sadly thinking about what loud happen to them after death while the good ones are enjoying their lives picking flowers because they hope and believe God sent his angels to give them salvation. Simon painted this artwork to express his thoughts about our world. A lot of people live a bad life forgetting that at the end of the world, we will all be judged for our actions. The painter is expressing that when that time will arrive, most humans will be sad and thoughtful as the Holy Bible says: “Be on your guard, stay awake, because you never know when the time will come’ (Mark 13, 33).
Looking at Parsifal, it makes me think about humans life and my personal life. As an artist myself, appreciate the technical skill it took to create such a painting. This might inspire me to create a similar painting in the future but probably with another subject. Recognize the elements of abstract and realism that Simony’s artworks are famous for and conclude that Parsifal really succeeds. According to the card next to the painting, Free Will and Miracle is an art. ‘ark painted in oil on canvas by Bob Bartlett in 1932. The artists birth name is James William Bartlett Ill.
He was born on December 29, 1955 in Columbus, Georgia (Wisped). Bob Bartlett first studied privately with Ben F. Long IV in Italy before attending the university of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, both in Pennsylvania. He later attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he studied Anatomy and, the University of Pennsylvania where he studied Liberal Arts, Bartlett received a certificate in film making from New York University and created a film. Currently, Bob Bartlett lives and continues to paint (Wisped). He is an American realist with a modernist vision.
To be able to describe the beauty he finds in life, he looks at America’s land and people (Bartlett. Com), Barrette’s work can actually he found throughout the United States in private and public galleries. One of these works is in possession of La Sale Art Museum (Wisped). According to the information next to the painting, Free will and Miracle has been purchased in 1993 by the museum with the funds provided by the Arts Angels memberships, the Benjamin D. Banister Acquisition Fund and, with the consideration of the artist. As I said earlier, Oil painting is something know a bit about. Ere will and Miracle is an expressive painting to work on. While provoking on this artwork, I have been to the museum as many times as possible to the delight of the lady at the front desk. As the viewer of Free Will and Miracle, I appear to be standing in front of the two characters looking straight at the mountains. The scene takes place under a bridge at dawn built in terra cotta. Two people are present, a couple. On the left side of the painting, the man is standing up holding a book in his right hand and placing the left hand on top of a metal barrel giving out fire.
He is wearing black trousers, a cobalt blue shirt, a grey jacket and, brown leather shoes With a colorful headband. On the right side, the seven months pregnant lady is seated on a sheet with various patterns on the floor. She is wearing a velvet dress with fur at the neck. She has short hair tied with a black headband. There is a shopping bag behind her. The weather is cold so they lit a fire to keep warm. On the floor, there are straws and herbs, pieces of wood, a trash bag and, a tire. At the back of the bridge are some mountains.
Between the bridge and the mountains, there is a road but no car around, Attached to the bridge, there is a bag containing a reddish liquid, some blood. The curator of La Sale Art Museum told me that during the Renaissance, people painted using symbolism that were understandable by everyone but Bartlett uses this method in our present 21st century without clearly establishing his symbols. This is why the bag containing blood does not seem to have a clear meaning as none of the two characters is wounded. Most of the colors on this painting are warm.
Free Will and Miracle has a dull texture but a light value as the fire illuminates the people. Bartlett has painted this artwork to bring hope to desperate people. As view Pure Will and Miracle, my eyes are often led over to the background of the painting but keep coming back to the most important part, the couple and their actual condition. It is a painting bout a couple who believes in a miracle. They went shopping the previous afternoon and on the way back home, they had a car breakdown. The weather is cold and there is no telephone network to call for help.
They slept under a bridge until the next morning, waiting and hoping someone would pass by and take them in his car. Free Will and Miracle is designed for people losing faith and hope. Though my first impression of Free Will and Miracle was that the painting seemed dull and boring, found it really interesting to work on, when looked at it the following days as I was trying to imagine the meaning of every single detail. The history deduced from this painting makes me believe that people should continue hoping that a good thing will soon happen.
Each detail added to Free Will and Miracle gives it a particular sense. Barrette’s painting inspires in me a couple who had to sleep under a bridge for some reasons, hoping someone would rescue them. This couple believes in a miracle and is persuaded they will tint a way to get out fifths situation, even though they tell sometimes sad. Free Will and Miracle makes me smile when I see this couple go on believing in a miracle after spending a night in the cold. It makes me realize that the proverb Nothing is ever lost in advance” is full of meaning as there is always a hope that things will get better.

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