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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:22
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Euthanasia is an issue that has been debated on many occasions.
Both ethical and political questions have been raised. It is the one issue that can touch anyone, even politicians. Euthanasia is an issue that is controversial from all sides and is such a deeply felt issue across society. Parliament has a duty to address euthanasia.
Terminally ill patients should have the opportunity of having doctor-assisted suicide or euthanasia as a legal option. Euthanasia should be legal so patients can die with dignity. It’s their right to choose when they want to die, and caring for such a terminally ill family member becomes a burden to the rest of the family. Many terminally ill sufferers want to have the choice to die with dignity and pride. By doing so they feel a sense of happiness that their suffering is over. Death with dignity basically means dying while still having some self-respect.
Euthanasia is better then seeing patients not eating or drinking, consuming large amounts of painkillers and essentially being allowed to slip away. Patients also feel a sense of worth and importance in the society. Euthanasia has the potential to effect each and everyone of use; therefore, we have the right to choose how and when we want to die. One has to ask themselves if they were in the condition where they could not bathe, they could not go to the washroom, where they knew death was around the corner and the only thing keeping them alive was drugs, what would they do? If one cannot give consent to their death then whose body is it? Who owns their life? The decision is left up the Parliament who cannot feel what the patient is going through, how they are suffering, and their agony.
Victims of a deadly virus have the necessary means to leave when they are ready and should not be faced with any higher authority telling them that it is against the law. Patients feel lose of control over their lives. Having a family member on their deathbed at times can become a burden on them. They could transfer them to an institution, however, that can prompt an ill person to take their life alone. When terminally ill patients can not take matters into their own hands, it places an agonising responsibility on the shoulders of the family. Family members should not be forced to choose between respecting the wishes of a loved one and obeying the law.
Family members are motivated solely by their love and compassion for whom ever is ill and the need, at least in their mind, is that they should not suffer any more pain. Euthanasia is like a compassionate homicide. When one takes their own life, they are hurting no one but yet they are taking away all the pain they have suffered. Terminally ill patients fear the fact of being alive but not really living, mentally. Providing euthanasia as a legal option allows patients to die with dignity, to have the right to die, and to lessen the burden on family members.
Euthanasia is such a great, debatable topic and will remain on the public agenda until finally resolved.Bibliography:

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