Essay on Comparing Cuban and Sierra Leone Youth Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:19
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In a world that is being assimilated by a digital revolution of mass media and better means of travel, most of the Earth’s population would like to have cultural traits that maintain their unique identity in a peaceful state of co-existence. Assimilation requires an understanding of cultural differences in order to bridge them. If assimilation begins with the newest generation, one must understand any difficulties that lie in differentiating the youth of that generation. In assessing the Cuban and Sierra Leone cultures, perhaps assimilation in some areas are needed. Although Cuban and Sierra Leone youth may seem similar, they certainly have numerous dissimilarities too.
Specifically looking at boys from Cuba and Sierra Leone, we shall assess how they relate to one another despite their cultural diversities during the 90‘s through government, day-to-day life, and development. The PBS Wide Angle documentary “Victory Is Your Duty” depicts Cuban-boy boxers’ lives; as A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah recounts the day-to-day life he and other boys went through in Sierra Leone. Suffering from contrasting limitations such as Cuba containing to themselves and Sierra Leone incapable of encompassing strong public relations fully; there are ways for both Cuba and Sierra Leone to maintain their true identities and yet assimilate to enhance not only their nations, but the world.
To begin, let’s examine Cuba and Sierra Leone’s governments in the 90‘s. Cuba is a totalitarian communist state; while Sierra Leone is in political chaos. These political states affect the boys, of both countries, growth and development for assimilation through adult based leadership and education.
In Cuba, Fidel Castro headed Cuban government as presi. .ve government, the Cuban boys are in an environment that provides food, shelter and support, and the activities to provide a positive social development while the Sierra Leone boys are quite the opposite. However, it is irrefutable that influx of mainstream cultures with acceptance, tolerance, and positive recognition will ultimately allow a nation like Cuba or Sierra Leone to flourish and maintain their unique identity in a peaceful state of co-existence. Further development of pragmatic tools to strengthen mass media and upgrade transportation will, perhaps, enthuse “melting pots” to sprout. Bridges will bolster.
Assimilationism shall ensue.
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