Essay on Child Labour in Developing Countries Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:40
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Childhood plays a vital part in the development of a person’s personality. Children hold the full potential to the future development of societies and shape the future. The environment in which a child is brought up in, influences his intellectual, physical and social health, to grow up becoming an active vital member of society. Child labour is found in all aspects of the world, especially in developing countries with high poverty and poor schooling opportunities such as, Nepal, India, Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh etc. As indicated by the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention, child labour is characterized as all kids underneath 18 in hazardous occupations or work activities in the work business sector or their own particular family; all youngsters undertaking work in the work business sector or family interfering with their primary education (United Nations); all children under 15 in full time employment; and all children under 13 in part-time jobs.
Child labour is characterized not by the action yet by the impact this movement has on the child. In short, the work or exercises attempted by kids ought not to interfere with their education or cause any health dangers (Bjorne, G. 2003). This report will shed light on the causes of child labour, as well as the solutions and implementations to reduce the effects of this modern day issue.Causes Child labour continues to exist even after having many laws and regulations implemented to put an end to it. The problems that lead developing countries into the path of child labor and causing it to be problematic to re-direct their path are said to be the most common causes, including poverty, limited access to education, the repression of worker’s rights, laws an.
.gressive decrease of child labour might be accomplished through a more open approach supporting this objective, e.g. Public policies. Governments from everywhere throughout the world should participate either financially or by providing assistance to these children. An effort should be focused on the creating of jobs for the parents of these children in order to uplift their future, hence minimizing the cases of child labourers.
Furthermore, these children working in the job sector must be given the right to education, training and psychological treatment. Working children should not experience the ill effects of different work dangers. Therefore, it is fundamental to stress poverty as a social and economical problem, which is the primary driver for child labour. “A society cannot make the move towards strength unless its youth are given trust, hope and respect.”

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