Legalization Of Drugs Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:30
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Multibeam sonar is one way scientists can look at the sea floor. What multibeam Dose is bounce sound off the sea floor to see how deep it is. This method of bouncingSound also gives ships an idea of what the ocean floor looks like. There is a problem with this method because multibeam sonar only measures a narrow strip of the sea floor it would take hundreds of years to do all of it.
I feel that this is the most accurate way to measure the depth of the sea floor but not the most efficient . I also feel that ships who drill for oil will benefit from this by knowing how deep it is to the sea floor which will also provide them with the safest place to drill. I feel that the best way as of now is satellites scanning because it is a large view of the Ocean floor and can detect under sea rifts and volcanoes this may not be the most accurate way to measure depth but it gives us the closest view of what the landscape of the sea floor would look like . Our NAVY will benefit from this because it will help to detect enemy Activity in the great ocean depths.
I feel that in the future these inventions will help us to understand more about the sea Bibliography:

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