Drawings of Animal and Plant Cells Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:16
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Lab Drawings of Animal and Plant Cells Instructions: 1. Set up light microscope for use. Handle with care. 2. Obtain a slide of animal cells and observe first under low-power (XX), then under medium power (OX), then finally switch to high-power (XX). 3. Make careful observations Of the Structure Of the cells. 4. Draw what you see under high power on a sheet of paper. Place your drawing in a circle measuring 10-15 Else only pencil, draw neat lines, do not shade. The title of the drawing should be beneath it, underlined, in ALL CAPS and must e fully informative.
S. Repeat for a slide of plant cells. 6. For your final drawing: research a specific cell type that appears in your drawing and clearly label it with a neat line in pencil. Additionally, research the actual size of that cell and use the size of the cell in your drawing to calculate the magnification. Include the magnification at the end of the title. Making biological drawings of microscopic specimens – Mark Scheme (Drawing) Clarity and Accuracy: Clear, accurate representation of specimen
No shading, no unnecessary detail Clean, continuous lines of even thickness Looks like specimen at magnification Annotations/Labels: Lines drawn with ruler in pencil, not crossing Lines touching labeled Structure, no arrowheads Accurate labels and annotations Acceptable Title: Accurate description of specimen, below drawing, in caps, underlined (11 Calculate accurate magnification To work out the magnification of you’re final drawing read peg. 52 in your textbook. If you do not understand do further research.

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