Drawing On What You Have Learned About City Road Persuasive Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:46
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This road is used by people of all different ages and ethnicities. It is a very busy one way street, that leads you to the main town centre. Will be looking at the social order is made through the street environment and how is it repaired by the police. Social order is all about how people behave in society. It is needed in order tort society to function properly, ‘Making’ refers to the activities that people take part in and the relationship they have with other people and objects. An example to his is shown on City Road, through the way the street environment is organized.
They have blue bollards at a certain height, in order to make sure vehicles cannot come up onto the path, causing problems for the pedestrians, especially people with prams and wheelchair users. They also have traffic islands, in order to make crossing easier for pedestrians. On the road, there is different colored tarmac, to make it clear to drivers veers to drive and it also makes things safer when pedestrians cross the road. This is different to SST Helene Street, there is only raffia lights to help pedestrians across. However, this slows traffic down and disrupts order.
TO try and resolve this, they are currently putting bollards and traffic islands in place as it is a very busy street. But this in itself is disrupting social order as it is causing traffic jams along the road. The street environment is an example of an ‘invisible’ process of making social order, as people take for granted. ‘Repairing’ refers to the activities people take part in, in order to make society a better place e. G. Street cleaners making the sure the streets are kept clean. Even though we know that there are people that do this, we take it for granted.
This is an example of ‘invisible’ processes of repairing. The police help to repair and reinforce social order on SST Helene Street, especially at night. There are a lot of restaurants and takeaways on this street and it gets very busy at night times, so the police are always on hand along this street in case of any trouble, Police are also starting to take on more of a role in the community, helping to make sure our streets are clean This is the same on City Road and the operation Clean Sweep. Ordered Lives, Scene 2) The police are also on hand on City Road.
They are they to control the behavior of others and also to make sure the noise levels are kept down. An example of the police on City Road would be When Jerome was stopped by the police, for having no driving license or insurance. (Ordered Lives, Scene 3). This is an example of a ‘visible’ process. The use Of CATV on SST Helene Street is very important in repairing social order. It is a very busy street and also an area of high crime activities. By having the CATV cameras in place, it it also helps the police in their role Of repairing social order.
With technology as sophisticated as it is today, the cameras are able to zoom in and scan areas. This is the same on City Road, where CATV cameras help the police to identify anti social behavior and traffic violations. Overall, some processes of making and repairing social order happen on almost every street as they help things to run smoothly. Having these processes in place is very important within our society. There are some processes that ‘invisible’, which we take for granted and others, that are more ‘visible’ to us.

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