Drawing On What You Have Learned About City Road Essay Thesis

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:44
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Social order is the manner in which a society is organized and rules and standards required to maintain that organization. (MD, 2009) In this essay, my IM is to describe some of the ways in which order is made and repaired. The street that have chosen to use is Suicide high street in Kent. Will draw along three main points through this essay. These points are as follows: 1. Visible and invisible ordering 2. Traffic management 3. People This first point is Ordering, As with any other street, there are many examples of ordering, both visible and invisible.
One example of visible ordering on the high street is traffic lights and pedestrian crossings This street furniture is put into place to keep order to drivers and pedestrians. Quite often in Suicide high street, this order is disrupted by unruly drivers who speed up to rush past the amber light before it turns red, and impatient pedestrians who run across the road Without waiting until it is safe. It is instances like this, that a figure in authority i. E. A police officer will intervene to put order back into society.
An example of invisible ordering on Suicide high street is maintenance. Maintenance is a very important job and should be done on a regular basis. Problems with the electricity can cause disruptions to society. For grapple: In 2009, Most of Begley, (and other owns) was plunged into darkness as all power suddenly failed. This was due to vandals setting fire to the mains and damaging four main electricity circuit. (R,Fish, 2009) Workers on Suicide high street suffered because of this, as all shops had to close due to this.
The EDP company had workers on the case to get the disruption fixed, To keep things calm and stop any additional trouble forming to any poutiness, the police raised the numbers of patrols in the affected areas until the power was restored, In comparison, City Road also has both visible and invisible ordering, as seen on the making social live DVD, June Rogers (the lollipop lady) is forced to tell a driver to reverse off of the crossing, and she simply restores order. (M_Compton, 2009) Also, City Road has CATV cameras placed at different areas of the road, as does Suicide high street. M. Compton, 2009) My second point on how order is made and repaired, is on traffic management. On the high street, there is a set of traffic lights and to the right, there is another set Of traffic lights where cars come out from. Your view is Obstructed and as a result you can not see any on coming traffic from that direction. Some drivers regularly speed past the amber lights and because of the obstruction, they would to see the danger approaching and this would cause a near miss and in some cases a collision.
This has been repaired by Begley council, who found that the solution was to remove both sets of lights and replace them with a round-a-bout. (Begley borough, 2012) In contrast to City Road, this solution to have the round- a-bout was the most effective to restore order to society, where as, we see that on the making social lives on City Road DVD a shop owner expressed his view that the solution that the council have made about moving the bus stop is not the best idea and would cause further complications to the road. (M. Compton,
This final point is about the different types of people who use the street and how it changes through the day. During the day, the narrow street is filled with vehicles and a range of people, i. E mothers, the elderly and workers of the street Even though it is very busy it feels quite safe. As the day goes on the types of people change, mainly filled with teenagers, waiting at the bus stops to go home. As night comes, the scene changes drastically, the streets filled with drunken groups and people out to dinner With friends. The feel Of the street somehow seems more crowded and unsafe.
This is similar to City Road as both have very efferent scenes from day to night. As expressed by the men in the municipal club on the making social lives DVD, the street at night feels very unsafe and one of the men even says that ‘his girl’ will rather get a taxi the 300 meters to their home than walk. (M. Compton, 2009) But City Road does have its differences as the road itself it much longer, It has more pubs/clubs on it. Because of this, police numbers would have to be higher than on Suicide high street to make sure any disorder is sorted more efficiently.

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