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Published: 2021-06-29 01:51:56
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A breed descended from the great Molloser that accompanied Hannibal across the Alps when he invaded Rome. Swissys were used by Swiss farmers to haul carts to market and as drivers to drive their cattle. Many Swissys still retain these working abilities today. The breed was used as late as World War II as pack dogs by the Swiss ArmyThe breed was almost extinct around the turn of the century and numbers have been slowly increasing.
Swissys are in great demand as pets because of their stable temperaments. Is a natural breed of wild origin. The over all impression is that of an extremely agile and graceful animal with a fox- like appearance. A tonal love is a unique characteristic of the breed.
New Guinea Singing Dogs are highly active, lively, and alert. They are constantly exploring everything in their environment, using all five senses including taste. Although usually gentle and affectionate with people, they can be aggressive toward other dogs, especially of the same gender. Known in its homeland as Mah Thai Lang Aan, originates from eastern Thailand ( formerly Sion).
This medium sized dog was originally used for hunting and as well as a guard dog at homes, and on the road as it escorted the carts. This is a well muscle dog that is closer to rectangular on body proportions than square. This dog is strong and has the ability to jump as well as being able to run at great speed. It is estimated that there are at least 500,000 dogs that are kept as pets or being used in their traditional jobs as watchdogs and traveling companion and with over 50,000 registered with the Dog Association of Thailand, throughout Thailand. ,I would cross all three of the previous dogs.
From the Swissys I would take their calmness and hauling ability. From the New Guinea I would take their agility and alertness. From the Thai I would take its speed and strength. I would take looks and loyalty from them all. This breed would be called the Singing Ridgebach Mountain dogs.
They would be useful in many jobs. Bibliography:

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