Traditional VS. Digital Painting Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:48
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Many have seen the outcomes to be very similar to each Other. Digital painting ND painting by hand might have the same visual looks, however, these two methods are very different when creating the art piece. Digital painting is one of the newest methods that is being taught to new artist. This type of method is where an artist can create art on the computer using a graphics tablet. When an artist decides to do a digital painting; they do not need to spend as much money.
All that they need to purchase is their laptop or computer, a graphics drawing tablet such as a Waco tablet, a digital painting aerogram, and the canvas the artist will print on. At first, that will all seem like a great amount of money, which contradict what was stated above, but, that is all that is mostly needed to buy once. The program will have brushes, strokes, colors, and other materials included, These supplies have amazing effects that are able to imitate the real materials, such as how watercolors bleeds on paper.
So, all the artist really needs to purchase is the printing materials each time they make new art Another beneficial trait to digital painting, is that there is no mess included because in the program, there is a tab called the color palette which acts like real palette where an artist mixes their colors. If a mistake occurs, they are able to undo or fix it very easily because it has these digital channels that are called layers. In the layers, pieces of the artwork can be worked on and if there is an error or mistake, there’s no need to delete the Whole art piece.
Digital painting makes it easy to save the artist’s work as different formats incase they want to do different effects on Other programs such as Photos. Being able to save or change the format is very beneficial to an artist trying to grow or show their portfolio. They are also able to put the artwork aside to work on it later or if they are busy. This can be a pro or con in digital painting, because if an artist needs more inspiration they can put it off to the side, but, if they put it off for too long then they might lose motivation to continue. As for the most traditional method, painting by hand is the most common and studied.
This kind of painting can be very expensive. Compared to digital painting t is way more money. Depending on what kind of artist is painting, they might want very high quality paint and materials or be living on their art and paint very often. And when an artist paints very often, they will most likely need to keep buying materials. Most of the common materials needed are the brushes, paints, palettes, canvas, and even materials that are optional to the artist. Painting by hand is very messy, regardless if there is a tarp all over the floor, paint will get on it or the artist.
This kind of method takes a lot of mixing to find he right color or to make many colors. If there is a mistake made, it can be difficult to be undone and it might just have to be paint on by the correct color. In worst case scenarios, the artwork might have to be started all over. TO save as a portfolio it is suggested to take a professional picture and a to save it digitally. Saving a painting for later is possible but difficult to do. The artist might have to buy a special palette that requires a storage that won’t dry the paint. This method does seem difficult to handle but in the end it is worth it.
Some Of the most beautiful paintings in history were created this way. Compared to painting by hand, digital painting is way more beneficial to an artist. Digital painting is clean and painting by hand is very messy. Both can be expensive, but, an artist won’t purchase more when painting on the computer. And as for painting by hand, as traditional as it is, the quality can be very expensive and artist are more likely to buy more of what they need over and over again. Even if both have their cons and pros; the artist may choose any preference and art will be art.

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