Catcher In The Rye And Dead Poets Society Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:00
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“It was Mr Keating”s blatant abuse of position as teacher that led directly to Neil”s death.”
We are asked to discuss the above statement after watching the movie: “Dead Poets Society”. This statement I feel is ridiculous and when I have finished this essay you will agree.
The school was a dull, meaningless place where tradition and reputation was put before creativity and education. That was until Mr Keating, came to the school as an English teacher. He focused around Poetry. He taught the boys to express themselves and do what they in their hearts wanted to do, not what their parents wanted them to do.
The boys found a photo of Mr Keating in an old yearbook with the caption under reading- “Alan Keating, Leader of the Dead Poets Society.” The boys approached Mr Keating about what the DPS was. He told them they would sneak out at night and sit the old Indian cave and read brilliant poetry. Neil, one of the more energetic boys, suggested that their group continue this tradition, and they, in turn agreed.
Mr Keating taught the boys to enjoy the poetry and let them speak out about what they wanted to be. He taught them to be individuals. But eventually allegations that he was responsible for Neil”s death came flying back at him.
Neil wanted to be an actor. He was very good at it and performed in the local production of: “A Midsummer Night”s Dream”. His father, however wanted him to be a doctor. After Neil”s superb performance his father rushed him home and told him that he was sending him to Military school for another ten years to stamp out any further ideas of his acting. Neil shot himself that night.
Students, parents and teacher immediately looked for someone to blame and the headmaster, Mr Norton picked out Mr Keating as the unlucky scapegoat. But gallantly Mr Keating”s students defended him and stood up on their desks chanting: “Oh Captain, My Captain”, much to the displeasure of Mr Norton.
So “no”, I don”t think Mr Keating”s actions was responsible for Neil”s death. I think Neil chose to commit suicide because the pressure from his father who wanted to live out his dreams through his son. I It was Mr Keating who taught Neil and the others to express themselves.

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