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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:07
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TheatreThe city of Ž?ár nad Sázavou has got a very nice theatre building. I go there about five times a year, usually with my brother or parents.
Occasionally I visit the Horácké theatre in Jihlava too. Jihlava´s theatre is much bigger and it´s more famous than Ždár´s theatre. I absolutely prefer comedies to serious plays. My favorite theatre company is The Theatre of Jára Cimrman because its plays are written with very kind and intelligent humour.
I know nearly all their plays. I really enjoyed The Conquest of the North Pole which was performed in Ž?ár nad Sázavou theatre previous year. The best theater plays I have ever seen were Teremin and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. CinemaThere´s only one cinema in my city.
In the past it was necessary to book the tickets for a performance in advance because the cinema was often full up and the tickets were sold out. But times have changed. Nowadays people have less free time. They´re even lazier when they have to leave their homes.
They prefer watching television or video to going to the cinema. That’s why I usually meet only 20 – 30 people at the cinema during the projection. I don’t go to the cinema very often because of high price and uncomfortable cinema seats. I choose a film very carefully before I make a decision to go to the cinema.
I look for some information about actors and film directors. The genre of the film isn´t so important to me. I´m interested in almost all the genres. My favorite actors are Matt Damon, Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe. I´m really into the films directed by Miloš Forman, Quentin Tarantino or Ridley Scott.
MusicMusic is indispensable part of my life. I love listening to music. Listening to music is a great relaxation for me in my freetime. Music helps me concentrate while I´m studying.
I used to go to piano lessons for 6 years and I have been learning to play the guitar for 2 years. I like going to pop concerts and festivals too. I like almost every kind of music, except metal and techno. MuseumI’m not very excited about museum tourism and I don’t visit museums very often. But there are some exceptions. I really like technical and world war 2 museums.
I was a little child when I visited a huge technical museum in Ostrava for the first time. I hadn’t seen bigger and nicer museum before. I was literally amazed by that museum. Since that time I have been interested in technical museums.
My favorite technical museums are The National Technical Museum in Prague, The Moravian Museum in Brno and The Fire Museum in P?ibyslav. LiteratureReading books is my favourite hobby and I read a lot of books. Last year I bought an e-book reader. It has been a very good purchase, because now I can download various electronic books for free from the Internet. I like most kinds of books but especially I like horror novels, historical and post-apocalyptic books. My favourite authors are Stephen King, Bernard Cornwell, Dmitry Glukhovsky and Jonas Jonasson.
My ideal writer is Stephen King because all his books are masterpieces. He is the master of evoking dark atmosphere, in his books you can empathize with characters very easily. There are many great films based on his books e. g. Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption.
InternetI think the Internet is one of the biggest sources of culture and it is also a huge source of information. From the Internet I can download my favorite songs, films, e-books and much more. There are loads of materials for studying easily available. I can share ideas with other people. I think printed books will be soon replaced by digital libraries online.

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