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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:09
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Annotated Bibliography VIII Jacobs, Laurence.
, Guopei, Gao.; Herbig, Paul. ( 1996.) A guide for marketing to China: There may be a hidden agenda.
Review of Business. 18(1,) 3-6 This article introduces an innovative strategy called CRM (Customer-relationship management) by which some wireless companies use to evolve their call centers. The author provides a new strategy in concerned with Chinese peoples’ traditional skill in negotiation, China’s economic model and Chinese government’s policy. In the first part of this article, the author summarizes the foreign marketer’s failure in accessing Chinese market and introduces some experts’ prescription to this symptom.
In addition to the analysis of Chinese people’s Confucian tactics during negotiation and China’s ‘planned’ economic system, the author states his argument that the key factor assisting the foreign salesman to design the appropriate market plan is the study of Chinese government’s five-year economic construction plan. The article finally draws a conclusion that doing business with Chinese people should begin with the research on China’s market and economic data as well as its rules. The five-year economic construction plan initialized in 1953 is renewed every five years. It reflects the decisions and strategies the Chinese Government made on developing and adjusting the country’s economic framework.
It is my opinion that studying with the seemingly bureaucratic materials will benefit the Foreigners to decide whether their market plans are suitable with China’s ‘planned’ market share. With the popularization of Internet and enhancement of the ‘opening up’ policy from China, I believe that Western marketers would find it easy to access to China’s previously ‘confidential’ documents as well as its mysterious market

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