Compare and Contrast the Painting and the Sculpture Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:16
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The dukes of Burgundy would best fit the description as a worthy counter part to the wealthy merchants Of Italy. But their wealth and patronage was their only claim to a similarity, because the type of patronage and works they funded contrasts heavily With the merchants in Italy. The Dukes’ patronage funded illuminated manuscripts, tapestries and furnishings to fill their many castles they owned. Unlike their wealthy Italian counter parts, the merchant patrons of Italy veer keener on fresco paintings, sculpture and architecture. A guild can be the only rue aspect of the Renaissance that the North and Italy shared as a whole.
A guild was a center of learning and knowledge in a particular field of art or trade. The master or the head of the Guild and generally the best in that respective field, would apprentice out young men for the guild and teach them the “tricks of the trade. ” 80th regions of the Renaissance enacted the use tot Guilds to help spread the knowledge. The Renaissance, in the North and Italy, was a monumental period tot change, not just for the world of art and sculpture, but for religion, technology and the use of science. Under the Renaissance, human progress was making up pace.
Regardless of the comparisons and contrasts, the similarities and differences in painting and sculpture, the Renaissance as whole affected Europe on a wide scale, be it in the Low Countries, Italy, France, the Duchy of Burgundy, the Holy Roman Empire, or Poland. Works Cited Smiths, Jeffrey C. The Northern Renaissance.

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