Comedy Films at Their Finest Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:06
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Comedy films come in such a wide variety these days. They go from comedy movies making fun of other movies to dark comedy movies. Comedy has been around for years and can come in many different forms. Kids movies now days even show a lot of comedy in them. Americans love comedy for the fact of the laughter. All the different types of comedy films that are released each year in the United States bring in millions of dollars to the film industry. Parody, dark comedy and action comedy are three types of comedy films that are popular in the United States.
Action comedy seems to be the most popular now days. “22 Jump Street” is an action comedy and it is just now being released into theaters. Each of these films expresses comedy in a sense of its own. Most people find one that they take a liking to more so than the others. Dark Comedy or also know as black comedy is a comedy that is a very disturbing type of comedy. Moral ambiguity and black comedy are not new to the world of American film. Both trends can be found in film noir and in popular Hitchcock movies (Hibbs 41). It will almost always be a gloomy type of film.
Theses types films are filled with sick humor. This type of comedy film can come off as offensive to some people. Dark comedy films are a comedy that is not appropriate for an immature audience. Dark comedy films can take many directions with its way the director wants to go with it. American film parody is a comic yet generally affectionate and distorted, imitation of a given genre, auteur, or specific work says Wes D. Genning, writer of Parody as a film Genre” never Give a Saga an Event Break”(1). Parody Comedy films are a type of comedy that makes fun and mocks other films.
These types of films are usually more on the funnier side of the comedies. These films are filled with ridicule and rudeness. Parody films such as “Scary Movie 1” mocks the movie “Scream”. Parody films are sometimes not on the most popular side of the box office. They are more for making sarcastic films and humorous types of films. Action Comedy films are more of the action packed funny films. These types of films are focused on the action that is going on plus the comedy. “Bad Boys” was a very popular film for this type category. Action comedy films seem to be a pretty popular type of film.
A lot of film lovers like the action packed films but the comedy makes these types of films even more of a thriller. Action packed funny movies makes for great movies. Laughter can be found in several types of films, most people just have to find the film that fits their likes. No matter whether it’s a parody film, which will mock other film or an Action comedy films that will fulfill the action needs as well as all the humorous needs. If someone happens to be into the sick joke and sick humor they will love to laugh at the Dark comedy films. All these types of films are comedy at its finest.
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