Cnn Swot Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:58
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Strengths| Weaknesses| * Broadband penetration / speed is growing * Requires no investment in transmission infrastructure * Popularization of Wifi * Devices are already available in the market * Devices are the primary access point for video content * Web viewing is increasing (users / time) * Previous integrated experiences like BBC iPlayer have been very successful * On demand services are growing * Some users already connect their PC’s with their TV sets * Users prefer user generated content in conjunction with professional content| * Complete user incorporation depends on having a terminal device + broadband connectivity cost + more gatekeepers between broadcasters and users * IPTV and Cable operators are emerging as strong alternatives.
* Investments in new content / services are needed but the business model is not clear * Interactivity has never been a safe value * Online content needs to go HD, otherwise lack of quality. * Youtube is the leader provider for video online (UGC + professional). * “Lean-back” attitude is still strong in front of television| Opportunities| Threats| Using IP transmission might allow to free more spectrum + combination of both – > more channels, HD, other services * New interactivity options with social media -> new revenues + creativity/producing opportunities * Linear television is enhanced more added value more viewers /consumption + business models * Recovering the lost audience / creating new targets * New audience behavior tracking options * An option for reducing digital divide and consolidating the information society * Personalization / Customization + Localization new services, opportunities for advertising + better fulfillment of PSB remit * Social networking interest communities, recommendations, most viewed (pushVoD) * New windows for 3rd party content / services| * Legacy hardware / software solutions can fragment the market and create vicious circles that lead to failure. Other content providers circumvent broadcasters (exclusive agreements with CE manufacturers) * CE manufacturers control the access to the audience.
* Broadcasters lose control over the screen due to non related content / services * Network saturation due to flash-crowds (live events) or too fast growth collapse / quality * Costs rising due to an excess on data transferring * New DRM issues * New window for illegal content * 3rd party competition degradation of the brand of the CNN + loss of market weight (value) * High costs for viewers * Inferior added value in front of cable / IPTV * Advertising migrates to IP (personalization + localization) linear programming loses value * Extra costs for IP data analytics|

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