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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:39
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Finally, 5:00 out of work! I start towards my car and I think about finally getting home. Icant wait to get in the cool air conditioning and away from all my annoying co-workers. I open my car door, jump in, turn on my music full blast, and start driving away.
Idecided take a different way then usual because it was rush hour. My favorite song comeson the radio and I begin to sing. All of a sudden I stop, a car keeps whizzing in and outof all the cars in front of me. Out loud to myself, I say, What an idiot.
Then the carstreams across two lanes of oncoming traffic, hits the curb, and flips. Wow!!! I didnteven think to stop. Shaking, I just kept driving. Then my Childhood memories Essay just flashedthrough my mind. I was thinking about how I use to perceive things in my head a whileago.
I thought about how pain and suffering use to scare me to death. I continued to drive, and I let go of the steering wheel with one hand for a second. I started to feel my neck. I felt two scares and I remembered when I was a baby with achin the size of a football. My mom and doctors called it a tumor, but I didnt understandthen. I just wanted people to stop starring at me.
I finally had surgery and it was asuccess. After a year or so my chin was normal and I began to be a kid again. I thenstarted to hang out with all the guys in my neighborhood. All the tough guys I might add. They all thought they were unbreakable.
I feared for all of them, I never wanted people tostare at me for something, I never wanted to be in pain, and I never wanted people to seeI remember playing sports all he time. I feared I would get hurt, but I just playedanyway. My soccer game ended one day and the field next to me my friend, Anthony,was playing. I walked over to watch.
Thats when I saw him get the ball, dribble a little,and a kid slide tackle him. That was the first time I saw a leg bend the way it did. Iremember Anthony laying in the middle of the field, grasping his leg, and tears streamingdown his face. I couldnt believe what I just saw.
The pain in his eyes struck me and Inever wanted to be in his position. Parents surrounded him and soon all I could see was acrowd. Months afterward he was home ridden and that summer wasnt the same withoutAnother incident poped into my mind. My two brothers and I always had ababy-sitter in the summer. This summer was with a girl named Philis. She was nice,quite, and didnt do much; thus, my brothers and I wound up occupying ourselves.
Westarted to have a checker tournament when my brother, Jonathan decided to take ashower before he played. I sat in my bedroom and waited for him. Finally, he came out. While I was waiting for him to get dressed, loudly he yelled, I think I need stitches, Istepped on glass. I jumped up and ran out my room. I notice my brother laying therewith his foot warped in a towel.
My whole second floor was covered in blood. I watchedas he slowly began to unwrap the bloody towel and thats when I saw two huge gashes inthe bottom of his foot. I actually witnessed as his muscles in his foot moved back andforth as he wiggled his toes. Well, off he went to the hospital with Philis as me and myoldest brother Jim cleaned the house of blood. I was so frightened and my brother had tocalm me down.
Years afterwards he still complained about pain in his foot and I couldnttake it. I finally had to tell him to lie to me and tell me that it was fine. As I grew I kept thinking about avoiding pain. Then my grandfather wasdiagnosed with cancer. I dont really remember the details of is sickness, but I rememberalways going to visit him. I could never get out of my head his pale white face in thehospital bed.
I always went to .

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