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Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:22
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ns not only anindividual or family problem but a societal problem. Children who surviveabuse grow up more plausible to negatively impact society in many ways. Theeffects of child abuse on its victims are devastating and life-long. Theeffects on society are pervasive. Many possible outcomes exist for childrenexperiencing abuse, which range from mild, almost unnoticeable personalityeffects to full-blown breakdowns in healthy functioning. Effects of childabuse implement various critical problems: physical, psychological, andbehavioral.
The first significant dilemma triggered by child abuse includesphysical oppression. The usual physical abuse scenario involves a parentwho losses control and lashes out at a child. The source may be normalchild behavior that causes the parent to house deep-rooted negativefeelings toward their children. These types of situations lead to numerouscomplications for the children and may cause a child to display fearfulbehavior. For example, the child may have a fear of physical contactcausing the child to shrink back if touched. The child might notparticipate in sports containing physical contact.
In addition to the fearof physical contact, children have the fear of people they know closely. The child will display signs of not wanting to be around these peoplebecause of their experience with abuse. They believe that everyone theyknow, love and trust will abuse them. Along with this, the child willexhibit indication of not wanting medical help. They try to hide theinjuries afraid of what will happen if anyone finds out. The child gives askeptical excuse has to how the injury or injuries occurred.
They try tohide injuries by covering them up even if the weather is hot. Along withexcuses come the unexplainable or reoccurrence of injuries. For instance, achild may state a different story each time an injury is explained tosomeone. The explanation of the injury does not relate to the story thechild tells.
A child conceals the truth afraid of what might happens ifanyone come across what is going on. Another example reveals that the childmay refuse to undress in front of others obviously to hide the possibilityof bruises, welts, burns or other injuries noticed on the body. A child’shealth problems are associated closely with abuse. For example, one of themost prominent problems is impaired development.
Impaired brain developmentestablishes when important regions of the brain fail to form properly. Itcauses the child fail in skills that normal children their age succeed in. Along with development problems, stress exists as a major factor. Stresscan cause the child to have weight problems, which typically are eatingdisorders.
Other stress related problems can occur, such as, migraines,gastrointestinal problems, or hypertension just to name a few. In additionto all this, death can result from abuse especially in babies. Childrenless than one are vulnerable to injury from shaking and that is recognizedas shaken baby syndrome. Parents tend to snatch the child up and just startshaking them. The physical mistreatment a child receives from abuse canoverwhelm them and their future.
The second catastrophic obstacle incorporated with child abuse dealswith psychological cruelty. The immediate emotional effects of abuse cantranslate into life-long struggles for a child. Child abuse may permanentlyalter the psychological well-being of a child. Inappropriate controlrepresents one of the main causes of alteration of the psychological well-being and it is present in three forms. Lack of control puts children atrisk for danger to themselves and robs them of knowledge handed downthrough human history.
In a situation like this, the parent or abuser hasno control over anything he or she does. Over control prevents childrenfrom exploring the world around them and deprives children of opportunitiesfor self-assertion and self-development. Inconsistent control causesanxiety and confusion in children. It can lead to a variety of problematicbehaviors. In addition, withdrawal is experienced in many differentenvironments.
Children may start performing poorly in school and lackinterest in any hobbies or extracurricular activities. The children may seethemselves without a future due to the absence of any goals. Children canpossibly abandon their friends. The child may believe that no one can betrusted.
When the abuse take place at home the child finds an excuse tostay away or even run away from home completely. Children use thesesituations as a way to escape from their life. Furthermore, a child’semotions are damaged when dealing with abuse. Belittling a child can causethem to see .

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