Characteristics of an Aquarius Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:18
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People all over the world have both good and bad character traits that different from others. Most people do not like to be criticized by others. We must admit that we all have both bad and good traits, and we also like ourselves as we are. If people do not love even a part of themselves, then they are practically dead. In this essay I am going to write about myself, such as my good character traits and also my bad character trait. I was born under the sigh Aquarius, and I believe I have some of the characteristics of people born under this sigh.
One example of a good trait of an Aquarius that I have is well-spoken. I think I am usually a well-spoken person. For instance, I like to use my speech to communicate and please my friend because when I can make my friend happy, so I also feel happy too. This character can also help me to be easy to adapt to the new environment, for example, when I attend to the new class at academic education I can make many new friends in a few days, and can join all the activities with all the students in the class like working in team, discussion, and others activities very well.
It is all because I am a well-spoken person. Another one example of Aquarius character trait that I have is loyal. I think I am a loyal person. I do not like to let a lot of people get really close, but I am sure that I have never betrayed or lay my friend or people that I know even if only one time. Also Once I do, it always turns into a long-term commitment. And whether I am talking about friendships or relationships, it’s no secret because I love the world with no secret.
I am not the easiest one to impress, but I am always a loyal person that full of committed companion to cherish. Finally, like anyone Aquarius, I have some bad traits too. Stubborn is one of the bad character trait of Aquarians, and I think I am stubborn too. For instance I sometimes give a patient ear to others, but at the same time, it not easy to convince me to change my points of view, or my opinions. Also, I always protect my ideas from the others and I also never change my mind easily too.
So sometime I make mistake because I do not listen to others ideas. It is my weakness, but I think it is not important. In conclusion, I very proud to be an Aquarius. My character traits such as well-spoken and loyalty make my feel comfortable and enjoy living in this beautiful world. My goal is on the way to be a teacher. Because my work is teach student to be a good human resource, and other one reason is I want to work as an independent worker, I think I will succeed my goal someday in my future. It is my wish.

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