Character Analysis of Kino from Steinbeck’s Novel, The Pearl Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:05
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Topic: A. The main character (Kino) in this story is engaged in several struggles and challenges. Which of these struggles and challenges do you think is the most important? Elaborate with examples frm the story. The Pearl, which was written by John Steinbeck, took place in La Paz, Mexico. John Steinbeck began the story by describing the way of living of a pearl driver whose name was Kino. The successful marriage of Kino and his wife, Juana provided them a son, Coyotito. In the beginning of the story, they all lived idyllically, blissful and peaceful even they are not rich.
After that, their living was changed to the evil one since Coyotito has been stung by scorpion. Facing to that problem, Kino and Juana tried their best to treat him. First, they thought that problem would be solved; in contrast, both of them face more serious problem that made Kino was engaged in several struggles and challenges were important, but the most one was the point that Kino escaped and traveled to the north. To support that point of view, I have many reasons. First, Kino and his family members travelled with both of fair and guilty.
At that point, there was no peace in their lives anymore because Kino killed a person who robbed his pearl. Also his properties, such as canoe was damaged and house was burned, so the one thing he had to do was escaping to a new place, North. Even, he and his family were away from their ld place, they were full of tearness. For example, they walk all nights and rest during the day in the purpose not to let someone find them. Also, they coved their footprints so that they could not be followed easily.
If someone found Kino, he might be robbed a pearl or arrested for killing someone. Moreover, Kino did everything to protect his family’s life. Kino last of human gualities when he tried to follow the trackers Kino acted like animals in order to find way to attack the trackers back. For instance, Kino’s body stiffened and he drew down his head and peeked out from under a fallen branch. He also dug little pits with his sandaled toes so that he could leap without warning and his feet would not slip. In addition, Kino had to be violent as animal to protect himself and his family.
For example, Kino was uneasy and nervous, he lifted the big knife and felt its edge to attack the trackers. Finally, Kino become a murderer a gain. In the beginning of the story, he was the peaceful man but after that he killed a person to save his life. Now on, Kino acted again by killing three men. This point, Kino was a very difficult condition. He had to protect himself, his life and also Coyotito. It was so hard for him because he was a person with no rifle and had only knife was attacked by three men with a rifle.
As a result, three of them were killed by Kino. Unfortunately, he also lost his beloved son, Coyotito even he was so struggle. In conclusion, the ways Kino and his family escaped from La Paz, was the most important of his challenges and struggles. This challenges sounds like a failure but a strong believe that it was a success for him and Juana was Kino realized what he should do to make his life harmful life. At the end, Kino had a great decision to though the pearl back to the sea in order to stop the evil in his family’s life.

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