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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:03
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This year was absolutely superb in Ms.
Williams challenge class. We first started off with a lot of learning of the brain such as actual anatomy of the brain and the brain friendly ways. The thing that was cool was the actual video and pictures of the brain. When you talked and explained it to us, it was easy to learn.
The thing, though, that was difficult was the writing or copying of notes, it was boring which loses interest of your students and they dont learn the subject as well. In the middle of the year we learned a variety of things from our perception of something to, Mock Trial. Mock Trial was very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about the law, in the way in which we can interact by actually becoming the lawyers, defendants, plaintiffs etc.
I would think next year if you could poll your classes on what kind of case they want and try an actual case that happened, it would be really interesting to the students. Then towards the end of the year we created our own civilization and scene of our civilization. What I think would be very suspenseful as a class is that if they got together as a class and made up a civilization, then had an actual play, or reenactment of that civilization at that time. Next we read a book which was called a string in the harp. This book was good, though I don’t think everybody liked it. Most kids dont want to read a book because they mostly have a bunch of books to read in their reading classes.
I think you should keep the brain stimulation days though! I truly think that relaxes people and gets their mind off of work and being stressed out about whatever. All in all, this year was great and Ms. Williams you truly do deserver the teacher of the year award for being an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed this year and I hope you did too.
Good luck next year and have a great summer.Bibliography:

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