Candide vs Pride and Prejudice Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:48
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HappinessThe definitions of happiness belies bothbooks Candide and Pride and Prejudice.
Butthey have different meanings and are indifferent context. I will pick two passages, onefrom each book and try to analyze them. In Candide, to define happiness, I havechosen p. 119. on the last chapter.
The kinglymufti, explains his happiness is because ofthe “dome” that is built around himself and hisfamily. It actually seems that since thisenvironment that he has created seems to puthimself in this kingly position. He only worriesabout his crops on his twenty acres of landand his children. His illustration seems togive me the impression of a bio dome,something that has a great environment andis controlled.
I think itOs a question of spacethat the man explaining. “…I never pay anyattention to what goes on in Constantinople. Icontent myself with sending the fruits of mygarden there to be sold. ” He doesnOt have toomuch and yet he has enough. He alsoexplains the subject of high position, which isquiet humorous because he names abouttwenty high positioned people and they wereall assassinated.
I think the end result was that the philosopher thought toomuch, even thoughthis was what truly was the philosopherOs job. It seems that Candide and the others realizedthat the answers to the best life was to just goabout their daily live and do their daily chores. “LetOs work without theorizing” said Martin “itOsthe only way to make life bearable. ”Throughout the book of Pride and PrejudiceMrs. Bennets only worries were the marring ofher daughters, all five of them.
She felt thatsince she had five daughters she had fivetimes the stress. She obviously does notbelieve in marrying for love, but only for socialpositioning. She wanted to reach a higherclass by having her daughters marry a richman. At the end of this book on pp. 254 and255, Elizabeth speaks with both parents.
Mr. Bennet feel the opposite of Mrs. Bennet, hecares about her favorite daughter and asksher if she really wants to marry Mr. Darcy. Hecares about her future whether or notElizabeth will be miserable or in grief. But hedoes give his consent.
On the other hand Mrs. Bennet is ecstatic ofher three son in laws. Happiness to her is the“pin-money, what jewels, what carriages youwill have!” The way Austin portrays Mrs. Bennet seems so evil and conniving. ShedoesnOt care for her daughters feeling at all. She is happy because of the fortune that shewill have.
I have tried to explain the definitions ofhappiness in the two contexts of the twobooks, Candide and Pride and Prejudice. Ifeel that happiness is a definition thatchanges from person to person. One personmay be happy with one thing and yet the othermay not. I feel this is also the same with theintangible things of life. Works Cited:Voltaire, Trans.
Bair, Lowell, Candide Bantam,1959Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice Dover, 1995

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