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Published: 2021-06-29 01:56:01
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1. 0 Executive SummaryThere are 3 major elements that helped incubate the idea behind Crowdz. com. The first element would be individuals, the average Joe on the street.
The second, organizations that cater solely to entertainment more specifically, Clubs. Third the banning of cigarette companies from advertising direct nor indirectly in Malaysia. Crowdz. com has its total idea, image, and vision to thank for by the presences of individuals, specific age group 18 – 35 years old, with no idea as to where to party for the weekend or any other day for that matter.
A group of four guys were sitting down at a cafe down town at Bangsar. Then the question came, “Where shall we party tonight?” There were silence for the next 10 minutes, serious brainstorming was at work. However none had a clue as to where to go. Hence ending up in a lousy joint where they had partied last week. Spending at a place, which cannot really give the satisfaction that, they were really looking for.
Now, this is a true story. Clubbers, partygoers in general don’t really know where to go for a good night out. It’s boring to be venturing the same old place. There is not much advertisement for new and up coming clubs, even if there is, it doesn’t really hit the market that well, as due to lack of funds to be splurged on advertising. The advertising would be minimal and hence not create a big BANG so to speak to the masses.
A few questions had been thrown in for the idea behind Crowdz. com. Questions pertaining to Clubs:1)In what ways can small middle and even large scale clubs able to advertise with minimal cost?2)Why cut each other and try to slash prices of drinks with minimal effect to the masses? 3)Why don’t clubs have a sense of belonging? E. g. A club that individually caters to playing House Music or Electronic Trance or Rave or Hip Hop & R&B or Latin Music? 4)How is a club suppose to capture a large group of audience for a certain event or special theme party? Questions pertaining to Clubbers:1)Where should I club tonight?2)Where are there promotions for drinks? / Where can I get a mug of beer for the cheapest price possible?3)Where can I go that solely plays House Music or Electronic Trance or Rave or Hip Hop & R&B or Latin Music? 4)Are there any theme parties for tonight? Any special events that would be different from normal clubbing nights for me to go to?Questions pertaining to Banning of Advertising for Cigarette Companies:1)How can the money that is supposed to be spent to advertising now be used?2)How cigarette companies are suppose to comply with the law and still have the luxury of advertising their product? 1.
1 ObjectivesCrowdz. com will totally change the way clubbers lead a lifestyle. Crowdz. com is not so much of an information-based site where by individuals will be able to get information on clubs.
It’s going to be a lifestyle that clubbers abide to. It’s going to be the bible for the average Joe on the street that is out for a good time. It’s a whole new lifestyle that will help give a guideline to occasional clubbers and hardcore clubbers. It is a meeting point, a melting pot, a union that will bind clubbers together to achieve a common goal, entertainment to its fullest! Crowdz. com will also revolutionize the way nightlife advertising is done.
It will be able to help clubs segment the market, plan out parties and themes that will cater solely for optimum profits. Instead of clubs fighting each other to niche a small market, Crowdz. com will help coordinate each club individually so that it will not be jumping into a market segment that is already so saturated. For example, if there are too many clubs that identifies itself with Hip Hop music, Crowdz. com will be able to advise a new club to diversify into for example Latin Music, where there is a demand but not much supply in the market. Crowdz.
com will be able to provide low advertising prices to clubs, with maximum impact to the target audience, via the internet. A website with the correct advertising and promotions

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