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Published: 2021-06-29 01:56:00
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Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor858 Success AvenueJacksonville, FL 32211904-555-1212(T)- 904-555-1211(F)Fast n FreshIceCreamFast n Fresh- – good for you!Prepared ByDaniel BeeseSubmitted To:Jacksonville National Bank2461 Money avenueJacksonville, FL 32224Statement of PurposeThe purpose of this business plan is to support a request for a 75,000five-year bank loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of thefinancing for a start-up sole proprietorship, Fast n Fresh Premiun Ice CreamParlor. The business will be owned by Daniel W. Beese and will be locatedin leased space at 858 Success Ave in the new Riverside Faire shoppingcenter, Jacksonville, FL 32211. The owner will provide a minimum of 75,00in initial equity.
The business will serve healthy and premium ice cream, yogurt,sandwiches, and nonalcholic beverages to the generally upscale target marketof Riverside Faire. Based on the financial and competive analysis presentedin this plan, Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor will be sucessful. It is anticipated that Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor willbecome established in Jacksonville, FL within two years and will becomeknown throughout the North Florida area within five years with the potentialof multiple locations. The Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlors distinctlogo, its reputation for fast service and only the freshest ingredients, plus itsslogan, Fast n Fresh- good for you! will provide a distinctive competiveedge. The owner, Daniel W. Beese, has founded three highly successful foodservice businesses in the North Florida area.
The owner holds anundergraduate degree and a MBA from the University of Florida. The Business DescriptionFast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor will be a start-up ice creamparlor located in leased space at 858 Success Ave in the new Riverside Faireshopping Center, Jacksonville, FL 32211. A ninety-day option has been takenon this location. The estimated opening day is April 2002.
Daniel W. Beese will own the business as a sole proprietorship. Eachof the business owned by Daniel W. Beese has broken even after only sixmonths and was sold for a minimum of three times the owners investment. Fast n Frsh Ice Cream Parlor will be an upscale restaurant selling premiumice cream, yogurt, sandwiches, and hot and cold alcoholic beverages.
Initially, subcontracters, owned by Daniel W. Beese will supply thesanwiches and ice cream, prepared to very high standards. As the businessdevelops, sandwich preperation and eventually ice cream preperation wil bemoved in house. Fast n Fresh Premium IceCream Parlor will be successful because it isbased on solid market research, demonstrating that there is a demand for anice cram shop selling premium products.
It will be located in the mostdesirable retail space in Jacksonville, FL, and the owner has a track record ofproven success. Product and ServiceAt Fresh n Fresh Ice Cream the owner Daniel W. Beese does not onlysell ice cream and sandwiches, he sells convience, cleanliness, polite clerksand the best customer service in Jacksonville, FL. Fast n Fresh Ice CreamParlors is unlike anyonelse. They use only the finest ingredients available.
All of their 5 homemade flavors are all unique flavors. The five flavors areVanilla, Chocalte, Butter Pecan, Strawberry, Neapolitan including sugar andwaffle cones. Fast n Fresh Ice Cream Parlor cant compete on every part ofthe ice cream business; they hope to dominate one part of the market by usingbetter products then everyone else. MarketMarket analysis is favorlable toward the ice cream business inJacksonville, FL. According to Business Facts, the overall ice cream marketis expected to grow by a total of 25% between 1998 and 2003.
Ice Cream isa popular indulgence, and people will spend money for such a treat. Marketing healthy and premium ice cram will provide twopurchase options for the customers. Low fat and high fat. Studies show thatbetween 1998 and 2003, sales of nonfat ice cream are expected to triple,while full fat ice cream will only grow about 10%. According to FrozenDesserts Monthly a ice creams parlor menu should include ice cream andother foods to help carry it through the winter months. Frozen DessertsMonthly also stated that these products should generally be marketed tomiddle and upper class families.
In conclusion Fast n Fresh Ice Cream Parlorwill market its ice cream parlor based on those recomendations. Location of BusinessFast n Fresh Ice Cream Parlor is leasing a one story building , with acement frame(1200 square feet) at 858 Success Avenue, Jacksonville, FL32211. The lease is 500 a month . The area is zoned for commercial use andSuccess Avenue is in the upper class part of Jacksonville with many localrestaurants nearby. The building is divided into (1)sales counter; (2) icecream case; (3) dining room. CompetitionThere are three local competitors.
The first of the three is Dairy Fresh. Dairy Fresh has stores located at Success Avenue and Sunburst Drive and atOak Avenue and 11th Street. Dairy Fresh stores in Jacksonville are franchisesof a well-established national cahin specializing in yogurt products. It alsosells a standard grade(one grade below premium) of ice cream in severalflavors. Dairy Fresh has been in business in Riverside FAire for five yearsand enjoy a reputation as a well-run quality busines. Dairy Fresh offers anextensive array of yogurt shakes and other yogurt delights in more than tenflavors.
They do not sell sandwiches. The next competitor is La Petite Cafe. La Petite is another ice creamparlor, located one block over on Pine Avenue. Despite its upscale name Lapetite only serves the low grade ice cream, unlike Fast n Fresh which onlyserves premium.
They sell shakes and no sandwiches. They also only sellsugar cones which might be a liability for their business. Teh last local competitor is Superior Flavors. Superior Flavors is amajor national chain with four locations in Jacksonville, FL.
The closestSuperior Flavors is four miles away . Superior Flavors is well known for theircreative yogurt and ice cream flavors. Their products are priced moderatelyand they do not serve sandwiches. Superior Flavors has a competiveadvantage with its name recognition. Fast n Fresh has a advantage beacuseit offers sandwiches. PersonnelThe business will operate using local University, Community College,and high school students as its principle employees.
This will reflect ayouthful, invigorating image consistent with its Fast n Fresh — good foryou! slogan. The manager will be an experienced person from one of theowners other businesses. A special employee benefit will be Fast n FreshPremium Ice Cream Parlor scholarships covering tuition and books. Thisoffer will only be good after employees complete the ninety day probationperiod.
The majority of the employees will be part time with a full timemanager. Student employees will earn 6. 50/hr with oppurtunities for payincreases. The manager will be paid 10% above prevailing salary levels. Apolicy of promotion form within will be adopted.Words/ Pages : 1,090 / 24

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