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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:08
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British Columbia ReportThe Canadian providence of British Columbia is as beautiful as it isrich in natural resources. First, the two main regions of the providence are the Interior Plainsand the many divisions of mountains.
The Interior Plains are in the farnortheastern part of the land. The chain of mountains are called theCordilleran Region. The eastern part of the Cordilleran Region are named theRocky Mountains. A little farther to the east that part of the mountains arenamed the Interior System. These make up the majority of the mountains. Closer to the Pacific Ocean the mountains take on yet another name,this time it is the Coast Mountains.
On the islands of Queen Charlotte Islandand Vancouver Island there is a small chain of mountains running along thewestern coast called the Insular Mountains. Before the Coast Mountainsreach the ocean they drop to what is called the Coastal Trough, which iswhere most of the population lives. The cities of Vancouver and Victoria arelocated in this trough. Victoria is also the capitol of British Columbia. Forestry in this part of Canada is quite a sizable business.
Eventhough it only makes up about 7% of the work force is provides much of thewood products we use. Manufacturing uses about half of the work force inBritish Columbia which is the group of people that change most of the woodinto products that are usable (wood pulp and paper). Construction comes insecond with about a quarter of the jobs here. Although fishing only uses afew people out of the work force it brings more revenue than any otherprovidence with its rich fishing waters and streams full of salmon and otherbountiful fish. With a population near 3-4 million people British Columbiaisnt a substantial providence, but it plays an important role among thepeople of Canada.
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