Book Report: Around The World In 80 Days Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:58
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subject = englishtitle = book report: around the world in 80 daysThe book I read was Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. Themain characters were Phileas Fogg, and Jean Passeportout. The setting wasall around the world. The summary of the plot was simple.
Mr. Phileas Foggbet twenty thousand pounds that he could make it around the world in eightydays. Well, the whole story was about Mr. Fogg and his butler, Jean Passeportout,trying to get around the world in eighty days. They traveled around the worldby every possible means, and to make things worse, the cops thought that Mr.
Fogg took some bank notes from the Bank of England. Because of this, a copchased them around until he can get a warrant for Mr. Fogg’s arrest. I reallydidn’t like the book. Okay, there were some good parts but most of the bookwas pretty boring.
It was written in old English which was hard to understand. The book also had names that were very hard to pronounce, such as the namePasseportout. I think the author wrote the book to say if you believe insomething stick with it. I say this because Mr. Fogg believed that he couldtravel around the world in eighty days, and he was willing, and did bet twentythousand pounds that he could travel around the world in eighty days. He alsoshowed this when Mr.
Fogg was about a week behind he still never gave up.

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