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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:35
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The blue whale heart is the size of a small car, the major arteries leading fromthe heart a small child can stand it! This is an example about amazing whalefact. I focused about previous amazing facts on whales, dolphins, and porpoisesin this research paper.
As we knows, whales are one of the most intelligentmammal in the ocean. There are two kinds of whale, one is toothed whales and theother one is baleen whale. The third largest whale in the world is the spermwhale. It is the biggest toothed whale in the world. In Latin, physetermacrocephalus means sperm whale.
The sperm whale has the biggest forehead of thewhales. It has a long narrow jaw. The sperm whale smells through its blowhole. The brain of the sperm whale is the biggest brain in the world. It weightstwenty pounds . It can be used like a computer.
The sperm whale has ears butvery little hair. Sperm whale can dive a mile under the water. Two thousand feetunder the surface, a sperm whale might appear. The sperm whale can go underwaterfor more than half an hour. In addition, many toothed whales are believed to usetheir sonar capabilities to stun their prey with a gsonic pulseh. The narwhal,an unusual toothed whale with a tooth piecing the upper lip, is believed to bethe basis of the legendary unicorn.
Southern right whales have been seen toraise their flukes in the air and use them as sails. Grey whales are able toswim in water as shallow as 6 feet! There are four species of dolphins thatinhabit fresh water rivers. Some species of whale lice, small crustaceanssimilar to terrestrial lice, can be found only on one type of whale. Whalingstill occurs today with Japan and Norway being the primary hunters. Fin whalesare the second largest animal ever to live on earth. They have been measured toover 80 feet long in Antarctic waters.
Fin whales are the only known mammal tohave regular asymmetrical coloration. The right side of their lower jaw andbaleen are white, while the left side is black. The tongue has the reversecoloration. It is thought that they use the white color to startle and stun fishschools when they feed.
There is no known winter breeding ground for fin whalesanywhere in the world. Scientists think they may go offshore and disperse duringthe winter. Reproduction is seasonal, but no concentration area is known. Theonly natural predator of humpback whales is the killer whale (orcas), andpossibly sharks to very young calves or badly injured whales. Up to 15% ofhumpback whales in an area may have scars from orca attacks that they havesurvived. That’s what I researched about previous amazing facts on whales.
Ienjoyed to researching about whales. I think they are very intelligent and coolanimals in the ocean!

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